“Degrassi: New Beginnings” SnapCap: Smash Into You, Part 1


Is there anyone who doesn’t like Adam being a cutie and singing along to the radio with his brother? No? Good, let’s carry on!


In a moment of six-months-later-style continuity, Adam remembers that once upon a time, he was shot. As a result, he’s decided to do more things that scare him — like skateboarding, apparently.

All of which is to say that he finds a note from a secret admirer and, assuming it to be a transphobic prank, tears it up. Clare perhaps rightly points out that, by doing so, he’s refusing to call himself out on his fear that someone might actually like him for being his adorable self.


When Adam shows up at the skateboard park, he immediately finds himself accosted by a new Degrassi student, Tori. She claims to be working on a statistics project and begins to ask him prying questions, like whether he’s in a relationship and if he’s newly (or just perpetually) single.

He quickly picks up on her ulterior motives (and flimsy cover), but when he mentions the note he got from a secret admirer, she scuttles away with one last, “Like I said, math project!”


Upon finding yet another note – in his locker this time – Adam takes up spying. It’s kind of adorable both that he assumes another note will come so soon and also that one does.

The new note comes via the Tori Express. Adam steps out to confront her, only to discover that she has a boyfriend already. Instead, she confesses that her friend is the one with a crush. She assures a nervous Adam that this crush already knows he’s trans, so he cautiously, yet optimistically, agrees to a group date.

What do you all suspect will happen when we catch up to Adam next week? I’ve got my suspicions (I mean, Tori only has three friends), so if it all goes off the tracks next episode, at least the train wreck will allow me to team up with Adam in the game of Things That Scare Me!