Gay Girl’s Goggles: “2 Broke Girls” SnapCap (1.21) — “And the Messy Purse Smackdown”

This week’s episode was all about Max’s purse and Caroline’s purses. Well, their purses as metaphors. No, not that kind of metaphors. What is wrong with you people taking it to the “lady purse” place right away? Though, I guess this show has had no shortage of vagina jokes. So, fine, never mind. We’re going with it. This week’s show is all about Max and Caroline’s differing vaginas – one messy and haphazard, one neat and planned. Which is really a metaphor for their lives. I feel we’ve all learned a very important lady purse life lesson today about keeping it clean and tight.


If ladies doing their taxes is a turn on for you, this was the episode for you. Or if ladies fighting in a dumpster is a turn on for you, this was also the episode for you. Though if you’re into the former, please keep that to yourself. No one wants to know about your gross math fetish.


Hey, did you catch the thing when 2 Broke Girls made fun of its own racism. And, um, it was kinda funny? When Han questions Earl about drinking in the diner, he says he’s celebrating. So Han automatically says, “Happy Martin Luther King Day!” Earl tells him black people can be excited about more than MLK Day. To which Han asks, “Is there a new Tyler Perry movie coming out?” Snicker. So wrong, it’s pretty right.


The girls didn’t really Brokeback each other too much this episode. Though I was pulling for the pill at the bottom of Max’s purse to be ecstasy so she’d start stroking Caroline’s hair. But there was an extended sequence where Max offered to rouge her boobs for Caroline and Caroline tried to get Max to look into her “purse.” So if we’re following our earlier purse metaphor, those two are well on their way to adopting a kitten together and naming it “Rachel Maddow.”


Joke about our current vapid socialite du jour? “No, I’m not Kim Kardashian. No, I work for a living.” Check. Joke about stamping one’s V-card? “The only thing I’ve ever lost is my virginity.” Check. Joke about disorganization linking it to sexual promiscuity? “It’s a purse, not a retirement home for a pair of panties stuck to old Lifesavers.” Check. Joke about dingoes eating babies? “It’s just a messy bag, it’s not like I lost your child in the outback.” Check. Though, I wish Max had said her line in Elaine Benes’ voice from Seinfeld while impersonating Meryl Streep in A Cry in the Dark. Yeah, the 2 Broke Girls audience is probably a little too young for that joke.

So, thoughts on this week’s episode. And you damn well better have filed your taxes on Tuesday.