“Degrassi: New Beginnings” SnapCap: Hollaback Girl, Part 2


Though there wasn’t really any bait for us here at AfterEllen.com this week (just hang in there ‘til next week!), Adam made a short and sweet appearance during the last 60 seconds to take everyone out for ice cream in celebration of a truly well done storyline.


Katie cried over losing the end of her senior year to a drug addiction, Bianca held up bravely in the face of everyone’s lack of faith in her, and Drew lamented being caught between two girls who could both use his support. All around, these emotional storylines lent themselves to some stellar performances.


After Katie’s injury a couple episodes back, she started slipping meds, first to play soccer through the pain, then because she had developed an addiction. When Drew talks her into being nice to his former girlfriend, Bianca, Katie invites her clubbing in order to score some pills off an ex-acquaintance of Bianca’s.

Shocked at Katie’s behavior, Bianca helps her out of the club, delivers her home, and encourages Katie’s little sister to wake up their parents. As it turns out, Katie has overdosed, and her parents decide to ship her off to rehab.


Meanwhile, Bianca and Drew have been dancing around the edges of a relationship, which Bianca insists on putting on hold after Katie’s overdose. Since Bianca can’t find any adults who believe she’s learned from her mistakes, she understands just how much Katie needs someone to stand by and support her.

Mama Torres steps up to the plate for Bianca with a beautiful not-quite-mother/daughter talk, culminating in an offer to accompany her to her upcoming parent/teacher conference.

At the end of the parent/teacher conference evening, Mama Torres suggests that the four of them – herself plus Drew, Adam, and Bianca – go out for family ice cream, to which Adam coos in reference to Bianca, “Aw, you finally got the daughter you always wanted.” Mama Torres is not amused; Adam, Drew, and I very much are.

Next week: Fiona and Imogen (and Holly J!) are back to close out the season. How did you all find this week’s episode?