“Grey’s Anatomy” SnapCap (8.22): “Let the Bad Times Roll”

On the last episode of Grey’s Anatomy, the fifth year residents flew to San Francisco to take their boards. This time we got to see what actually happened during their tests. Let me just say I don’t want any of these people operating on me. Well, Cristina can operate but only Cristina, and Meredith, as long as she’s not throwing up, and Avery, as along as his mother isn’t nearby. But only those three.

At the top of the show the residents have just finished their exams and are speculating on how badly they all failed. Catherine Avery shares with Richard that one of his residents did not pass the test. Who could it be? The show goes back in time to six hours earlier so we get to see what actually went down in those closed hotel rooms.


Callie and Arizona are in the same storyline. Hallelujah!


These residents are hot messes when it comes to taking their medical board exams. Sickly Meredith throws up a few times during her test. Poor Meredith. Cristina can’t hide her superiority complex and argues with her examiner. Avery can’t block out the sound of his mother’s voice, especially since she’s in the room next door laughing like a banshee. Alex shows up just as the examiners have given up on him. Since he was tardy for the party, Alex has automatically failed the first section of the test so he needs to get a “perfect score” on the next two parts to pass.

And then there is April, the hot mess of all messes. April disrobes during her test to reveal immense sweat marks on her button-down shirt, goes into a weird lengthy monologue about how much she loves Avery, and when she kills a patient in a test scenario then won’t let her examiners move onto another question until she knows why her patient died, she declares, “I’m a really good doctor!” Yes, but you’re also manic and sweaty.

The crescendo of April’s test comes when she and Avery — well, check out the “Whores & Gore” section below for details.

Meanwhile, back in Seattle, Mark’s girlfriend Julia wants to have a baby. His baby. Paging Lexie! Derek tells Lexie about the possible Mark Jr. on the way and Lexie finally musters up the courage to declare her love for Mark. Before Mark can respond, Julie shows up and interrupts them. Awkward.

Callie meets one of Arizona’s good old friends and has to also perform a lifesaving surgery on him. What will they do for their second meet up? Sadly, Arizona’s friend was not honest with her about the severity of his condition so there is nothing Callie and Bailey can do in the operating room but close him up and tell Arizona her friend is dying.


During one of the test breaks, Avery and April find themselves alone together in a men’s bathroom and, despite the fact that men’s restrooms are foul-smelling and beyond disgusting, they decide to have sex before they go back in and finish their boards. (I’m shaking my head as I type this.)

Richard and Catherine Avery say goodbye to their little romp only to realize they’ll be attending another conference together in the near future. Bow chicka wow wow!


Owen is fearful that all of the residents will leave Seattle Grace, so he asks Bailey to give a tour to the potential new crop of residents who are a bunch of bratty a-holes.

The test results are in! How did everyone fare? Meredith passed, Cristina passed, Avery passed, Alex passed and April (not surprisingly) did not pass. April looks absolutely devastated, but what did she expect? She was INSANE during her exam. I’m surprised the examiners didn’t call security and have her escorted out of the building.

What did you think of this episode? Will Mark leave Julia for Lexie? Will April leave Jesus for Avery? Will Callie and Arizona have another sex scene before the season ends?