“Glee” goes prehistoric for prom

Prom is nearly upon us, so our Glee kids are gussying up one last time before graduation. And this time Brittany and Santana go as a couple. I’m sure other stuff happens, too. But I’m doing this new thing where I try to watch Glee by pretending everything that’s crazy/condescending/cringe-worthy isn’t really happening. It frees up a lot of time for me while the show is on.

Fox has released several promos for Tuesday’s episode “Prom-asaurus.” With our gal Brittany in charge of the senior prom, expect the unexpected – or more like the prehistoric. It is, to quote a super whipped Santana, “sheer genius.” TVLine.com shared this clip of Brittany revealing the theme.

Berries, rainwater and no hair gel? Yes, this truly is the Best. Prom. Ever.

But, wait, there’s more. Brittany and some back-up T-Cheerio dancers perform Ke-Dollar Sign-Ha’s “Dinosaur.” Loving the Wilma Flintstone outfit, honey. EW.com posted the video.

Alas, it appears her fellow prom-goers did not adhere to the cave chic look for their prom duds. But they still look pretty nice in their gowns and tuxes. A look at our favorite singing, dancing Ohio high school students all dressed up for Tuesday’s prom episode.

I want Tina to join the Troubletones and everyone to move to Tribeca together after graduation.

I like Sam and Mercedes as a couple and I also like that color on Amber Riley. What? Sometimes I can be positive.

Oh, good, Dianna Agron is still on the show. After last week’s episode I wasn’t really sure.

Blaine is blatantly defying Brittany’s “No Hair Gel” rule. I want them to settle it with a dance off.

Tina and Mike are clearly shocked that Rachel Berry would show up with Lea Michele’s hair.

So, hopes (and silent, desperate prayers) for tomorrow night’s “Prom-asaurus” episode?

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