Gay Girl’s Goggles: “2 Broke Girls” SnapCap (1.23-1.24) — Martha will eat your cupcake

A whole season of shenanigans and sweet treats have come and now gone. And what have our 2 Broke Girls learned? Lying to impress an ex totally works. That guy from Wings is Caroline’s dad. And Martha Stewart will totally eat your cupcake in a public restroom.

Max and Caroline are trying to get their big break by impressing a hot party planner of the moment with their baked goods. But he rejects them after news breaks that Caroline’s dad (played by Steven Weber, who we see briefly in a news clipping) is being moved to a cushy white collar prison. While there, they see a painting byJohnny (remember him, the graffiti artist with the British girlfriend) hanging on the wall. Turns out he’s made it. When he comes to see Max in the diner, she lies about having made it herself and going to the MET Ball. So they hatch a plan to get into the ball and make Martha try their cupcake instead. (Insert your own lesbian prison cupcake joke here.)


Dear Summer: I am mad at you for taking Kat Dennings’ ridiculously ample cleavage away from me. Please pass quickly so we can see more of this again in the fall. Love, lesbians everywhere.


Critics may not like this show, but even they have to admit it has a hell of a lot more continuity than Glee. As much as I bitched about them having a horse when the show started, I was tickled to see Chestnut again. It means our gals are one step closer to riding off into the sunset together. I love how the girls have grown and become a real and supportive unit for each other this year. Caroline has encouraged Max. Max has bolstered Caroline. These two young women care about each other, look out for each other and are planning a future together. It’s pretty great.


As the girls dream about making it and being featured in fancy magazines together, Caroline says it will be, “us, standing outside our country home.” To which Max replies, “Hold on, we’re rich and still living together?” Yes, Max, yes. Just admit it, ladies. You two are living together as “roommates” for the rest of your lives.

p.s. How hot were Max and Caroline in matching ties? So hot.


For its special one-hour season finale, 2 Broke Girls broke out all of its favorites. Hipster jokes. (Max to a hipster using a typewriter and wearing a steampunk outfit in the diner: “What are you, in the league of extraordinarily pretentious gentlemen?”) Boob talk. (When discussing piñatas shaped like J.Lo or Salma Hayek, Max responds: “Awesome, put me down for a Hayek. [Gestures toward her boobs] More storage space for candy.”) Toilet humor. (Caroline on how far they’ve come: “We are making it. We haven’t used Starbucks napkins for toilet paper in months.”) And sex act humor. (Caroline: “I went down so fast I may have smeared my cupcake.” Max: “That’s the filthiest clean thing I’ve ever heard.”) Oh, girls, never change, never change.

Also, props to Martha for eating a cupcake on a show that regularly discusses vaginas. It’s a good thing. We knew we loved her for a reason.

Oh, 2 Broke Girls, I will miss you and all of your gratuitous boob grabbing this summer. I really, really will.