Gay Girl’s Goggles: “The Secret Circle” SnapCap (1.22) – “Family”

Well done, powers behind The Secret Circle. Well done. We have answers; we have more questions. And you left us wanting more.


Is family the result of blood or choice? Every LGBT person asks — and answers — that question again and again. And all the analogies we’ve made between the witches and the gays come full, um, Circle this week. The witch hunters believe that witches are evil — and they must be eliminated. But The Circle knows that the hunters themselves are the true evil. No matter how sincere a belief might be, when its goal is elimination of another belief, it isn’t virtuous. Cassie saw that when she realized that her father John was not protecting anything but his own darkness, of which she was part. But in the end, she chose the power of her friends — her own Circle — over the darkness that John called out of her. Let’s say she evolved — it’s trendy this week.

Giving up dark magic couldn’t have been easy. I’ve never seen Cassie more, um, stimulated than when she got her hands in the crystal skull goo. And when Diana joins her, well, see for yourself.

Aw, shrinkage is such a bummer.

Happily, subtext wasn’t limited to the dark sisters. Nothing calls to an OTP more persistently than when the Other is in danger. And Melissa, who usually prefers the background, chose to risk her life to rescue Faye from Eban. Sure, it was Jake who got a kiss in the moment. But when the time came to celebrate, Melissa is the one Faye chose to dance with in her undies.

We’ve missed you, Fayelissa.


One of the problems with The Secret Circle has been that it never seemed to know whether it wanted to be a tale of good vs. evil or a CW teen soap. That kept us from caring about the central characters. The angst and romance and high school dances interfered with what the last couple of episodes revealed to be the strength of the story — the genuine love between the Circle members. Finally, we see that the six are not bound together just because they have to be. Even when their family crystals are destroyed and The Circle is unbound, the power of friendship is what ultimately propels the witches to overcome their enemies. It goes beyond the power of magic. Deep, huh?

Meanwhile, Dawn and Charles realize that their own quest for power set in motion everything bad that’s happening. For once, we feel for them. And I’m kind of glad Charles didn’t die for good — even though seeing him alive took away the impact of his sacrifice.


For a while there, I wasn’t sure Faye was going to make it out of this one. But even at her most terrified, Faye is still Faye.

Witch hunter: Without your friends, you’re nothing but a little girl in a cheap dress
Faye: This dress is not cheap

When she suddenly feels her solo magic:

“Oh, I am so back.”

Calling her mom for help:

Faye: “The thing is, I know I’m a witch.”
Dawn: “I know, just tell me where you are.”
Faye: “Wait. How do you know? Have you been reading my journal?”

On Eban:

“He’s got demons in him mom, If you’ve got any kick-ass magic you’ve been hiding, now would be the time to whip it out.”

When Cassie says someone needs to destroy the skull:

Cassie: "Its power is more than I’ve ever experienced. It’s dark … and seductive. I don’t want to go near it."
Faye: (sigh) "Fine. I’ll do it."


So now we know: The crystal skull doesn’t kill witch hunters; it kills witches that don’t have Balcoin blood. John’s real plan is to purify the witch race (his word) by getting rid of weaker magic. And four other Balcoin children raised in other circles are on their way to Chance Harbor to form a super powered dark and twisty circle. Yep, he’s a bad guy. Well, was a bad guy. Bye bye, Blackwell.

Note to dark witches: Try not to die in good lighting. You don’t make pretty corpses.

The Circle is broken, but Diana wants to travel around the country with the Leprechaun, so she’s not going to be around to bind it. Adam meanwhile is making the crystal skull his Precious and Jake has a mysterious note from his Gramps.

Oh, yeah. And Gramps is right. Cute creepy theme song.

So what did you think? Did The Secret Circle finale leave you wanting more? Are you satisfied with the answers to this season’s mysteries? What do you think Fayelissa did after they tired of dancing?