Agents that have our hearts covered

Two of my favorite shows featuring some very lovely ladies are returning next month. White Collar and Covert Affairs return Tuesday July 10 starting at 9 p.m. on USA. White Collar features the gorgeous Marsha Thomason as out FBI Special Agent Diana Berrigan and Covert Affairs stars lesbian favorite, Piper Perabo as CIA Operative Annie Walker.

There is something about undercover agents that makes my heart go pitter-pat. Maybe it’s the sense of kinship that I feel for agents who have to keep some of their lives secret as many of us have while closeted. Maybe it’s the fact that a well cut suit is pretty near the hottest thing a beautiful woman can wear (if you don’t believe me just peruse some pictures of Bette Porter in her work finery). Maybe it’s the whole “saving the world is my job” thing that is sexy. Maybe it’s the gun or the badge or the swagger. I don’t know what it is but it’s hot, so hot that I needed a list to keep all the ladies organized in my mind.

FBI Agents

Clarice Starling

Jodie Foster holds her own against Anthony Hopkins and saves Erica Hahn from serial killer Buffalo Bill. Foster won an Academy Award for the role and was so lovely and badass that it’s the only scary movie I have seen more than once.

Dana Scully

First, I have to admit I have never seen even one episode of The X-Files, but that does not prevent me from appreciating the radiant hotness of Gillian Anderson as FBI Special Agent Scully.

Gracie Hart

I love everything about FBI Agent Gracie Hart. I love her nerdiness, the way she snorts when she laughs, and the way she taunts her partner with her insane, post-makeover hotness (maybe it’s just me but I also enjoyed her pre-makeover aviators, suit, and swagger).

Lana Delaney

Tough, driven, and sexy enough to get Kalinda Sharma’s attention. We may not know if we can trust Agent Delaney but with suits that fit just so and such a strong work ethic, all we see is hotness.

Carrie Rivai

Sure, the Knightrider reboot may have been less than memorable but Sydney Tamiia Poitier graced the small screen as FBI Agent Carrie Rivai and who didn’t hope for a little more of Agent Rivai (and her lady guest) and a little less talking car?

CIA Agents

Sarah Walker

Yvonne Strahovski’s portrayal of CIA Agent Sarah Walker for five seasons on Chuck gave lesbians a very hot reason to watch the show and her proclamation of being “Team Lesbian” gave us a reason to keep coming back for the gorgeous Aussie.

Sophia Turner

She only appeared in two episodes as CIA Agent Sophia Turner on Castle, but Jennifer Beals continues to set the bar for hot, sexy, tough, smart women who know how to rock a suit. Here’s hoping she’s back on our television screens soon.

Carrie Mathison

In Homeland Claire Danes plays complicated and troubled CIA Agent Carrie Mathison who is a mess in both her professional and personal life. Danes’ face is a joy to watch as she effortlessly reflects the torment and the strength of her character.

Evelyn Salt

What hot list can be complete without Angelina Jolie? Jolie played badass CIA Agent Evelyn Salt and everyone with eyes thanked the heavens above. How does combining a gun-toting badass, a role originally written for a dude, with Jolie’s incredible hotness? Yeah, that sounds just about perfect.

Sydney Bristow

This one is my personal favorite. My love of Jennifer Garner is more than a little embarrassing and it all started with Alias. Garner played CIA Agent Bristow and each week went undercover to thwart some plan all while looking almost unbearably hot in whatever outrageous get-up they found for her that week (J.J. Abrams ,the lesbians wish to thank you very much). Bristow was never overmatched and never anything but brilliant, hot, and full of the kind of swagger that makes grown women need a fainting couch.

So, what do you think of the list? Who is your favorite Agent and who would you add to the list? Will you be tuning in for White Collar or Covert Affairs when they return next month?