10 Fictional Kids That Tried to Ruin Our Lives

Yesterday, Entertainment Weekly rolled out the first images from Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2, and unlike the “Squeeeeeaaallll!” that followed the release of the honeymoon photos from Breaking Dawn Part 1, these pictures were met with a collective, “Oh. Right. Renesmee.”

All of us would like to forget that Bella and Edward had a child who was imprinted upon by a wolfman — but nope! There she is! A real kid, just clutching Bella’s hand and staring deep into Jacob’s eyes and letting us all know she’s going to make us hate her.

Renesmee Cullen is not the first child to try to ruin our lives, nor will she be the last. In fact, here’s a list of ten fictional children that nearly drove us crazytown bananapants.

Anakin Skywalker, Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Dude, you ruined Star Wars. STAR WARS. The former most beloved movie series of all time. You are more hated than the grown-up version of yourself that breathed real heavy and tried to destroy the world. Sith Lord? More like thiiiiiiis bored, amirite?

Hannah Montana, Hannah Montana: Apocalypse

I blame Hannah Montana for a lot of things, including the way every child actor on the Disney Channel SCREAMS THEIR LINES AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS. Lizzie McGuire didn’t SHOUT EVERY WORD ALL THE TIME. Hannah Montana wasn’t the best of both worlds. She wasn’t the best of any worlds. Also, she revitalized Billy Ray Cyrus’ film career, which was maybe her grossest move of all.

Scrappy-Doo, Scooby-Doo

Is there a cartoon character more reviled than the precocious little boxing pup that Cousin Oliver-ed one of the greatest animated shows ever? No, there is not. Because he is the worst. He tried to steal scenes and snatch lines and solve crime, but the only thing he succeeded in doing was making me hate him. And then I hated myself because who hates a puppy? Thanks a lot, Scrappy.