Four Katie Holmes performances worth watching again

I’ve been thinking a lot about Katie Holmes.

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I know — who hasn’t? Honestly, though, I don’t much care about Tom and his maybe-gayness and definitely unusual religious beliefs. But I do care about Katie and the fact that her career seemed to screech to a halt when she and Mr. C. decided to merge.

Now that she is moving into a new phase of life, I’m hoping that Katie will find some roles worthy of her talent. And just in case the only movie you’ve seen her in is Mad Money, here are four pre-TomKat performances that prove she actually can act.

Joey Potter, Dawson’s Creek, 1998 – 2003

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Most of us met Katie Holmes for the first time at Capeside. Her Joey Potter was the tomboy next door that kept me watching Dawson’s Creek for six seasons — and formed my very strong opinion about who should be her OTP (Team Pacey forever!).

Claire Montgomery, Go, 1999

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I’d never heard of this movie until I came across it in the dollar bin at a video store and bought it on a whim. The plot is pretty much a rip-off of Pulp Fiction, but it’s entertaining enough that I didn’t care. Katie’s performance as a slacker with no real goals beyond hanging with her friends and doing X is a terrific combination of funny and touching.

Hannah Green, Wonder Boys 2000

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Katie’s role in this Michael Douglas film was a small one, but her performance as a student with a crush on her professor (Douglas) got critics talking. In a good way.

April Burns, Pieces of April 2003

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Patricia Clarkson got all the awards nominations for Pieces of April, but to me this is Katie’s movie. April is a complex character, a mixture of resentment and hope, and Katie’s performance was subtle and heartbreaking — and very funny. It’s definitely her best film role so far.

What now? She just filmed an episode as a guest judge for Project Runway: All Stars and is taking her own designs to the runway at New York Fashion week this fall.

But I hope we don’t have to wait long for Katie to be back on-screen again. Now that Tom’s out of the picture, maybe we can get that Dawson’s Creek reunion movie we’ve been craving. In any case, welcome back, Joey; we’ve missed you.

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What’s your favorite Katie Holmes role? Would you like to see a Capeside reunion? Any wishes for a future Katie project?