Talking with the New Yorkers of “The Real L Word” Season 3

On tonight’s Season 3 premiere of The Real L Word, viewers will be introduced to the East Coast lesbian contingent. At the recent NYC premiere, we sat down with stars Kiyomi McClosksey, Lauren Russell and Amanda Leigh Dunn to find out what we can expect from the new girls on the Showtime series.

Veronica, Somer, Kiyomi, Amanda, Lauren and Laura (Photos by Scott Gries/Showtime) So why did you decide to audition for The Real L Word?
Kiyomi: As a musician in an actively touring band, you try to expose your music to as many people as possible. The casting director approached our agent, and we felt that it was an amazing opportunity and a great platform to present our music to the masses and it gave us a tool that we never would have had if we had just kept touring across the country and grinding it out. We really hope that we can expose our music and our personalities on the show.

Lauren: I have a friend named Amber who made it to the final round but didn’t make it onto the show. We were sitting down at dinner and she told me they were still accepting applications for the show. It started that way and it kind of snowballed into something totally different. Amanda came to visit, and at that point I wasn’t on the show yet, but I was about to be finalized. Amanda told me that she wanted to move out to LA and leave New York, so I told the show producers about Amanda, and they had some really good interviews with her and loved her a lot, so they brought her on as well.

Amanda: I was actually asked to do it in New York, but then I decided to do it with Lauren, since we are best friends.

AE: Lauren, I know you spent a few years in New York. So why did you move back to Southern California?
Lauren: I was dating this girl, and she wanted to move to LA. I am from Southern California, so my family is here, and I was starting my jewelry line, and while I didn’t know whether the girl and I was going to work out, I decided to go for it anyway. We ended up breaking up right after we moved to LA, but you know, everything happens for a reason. I wasn’t really ready to leave New York, but it was in the middle of the worst winter ever, so I was like, fine, let’s just do it.

AE: Lauren, how would you characterize your friendship with Amanda?
Lauren: At the time the show was filming, although we’re best friends, we were both very single, very free and open. It was a very “free love” moment in time. We were just like, “Who cares!” It was just a very fun time for us. I can’t really divulge anything else, but I’ll just say that things kind of progress, and — well, it is what it is.

Amanda: I mean, we are best friends, and we — how would I put it — have had a sexual relationship, but not in a romantic way. We are friends.

AE: Does the NY cast end up interacting with the LA cast at all this season, or are the storylines separate?
Kiyomi: There is a lot of interaction between the east coast and west coast cast, and it is kind of cool to see that all come together. When the season starts, the band spends a lot of time in New York, but eventually the cast members do meet.

AE: Is there any tension or drama when the cast members from both coasts meet or interact?
Kiyomi: You’ll just have to tune in to see what happens, to see the drama.