25 Lady Knights in Shining Armor

The internet went bananas this week over the news that the United States Army is working on some female-specific body armor inspired by Xena: Warrior Princess. The women of 101st Airborne Division are so taken with the “bra-shaped darting,” they’re saying things like: “I could wear this all day!” “I could run a marathon in this!” “It feels much lighter!” and “I feel like I want to makeout with my plucky, golden-haired sidekick!” (I made up that last one, but the first three were real.)

I don’t know much about armor, but I do know I am a smitten kitten when it comes to fictional ladies wearing armor. So, in honor of Xena, and the US military finally giving ladies some lady-specific protection, I’ve decided to countdown 25 of my most favorite Lady Knights in Shining Armor.

(Click on the magnifying glass to enter the full-size lightbox to scroll through the photos.)


Who’s your favorite armored warrior?