“Project Runway” recap: (Episode 10.1)

The new season of Project Runway kicked off in Times Square, where all 16 contestants showed off an outfit they made at home and the second piece they constructed in the work room on their usual next-to-nothing time limit. Because there are so many designers, I’m going to introduce you to the ones that stood out as women to watch. Starting with our lesbian, Alicia Hardesty.

Alicia is behind the line Original Tomboy and she likes making clothes that combine the aesthetics of menswear and women’s wear.

How many of you want to be that pencil? Sadly, I learned from her bio that she has a girlfriend. Moving on.

Elena is from San Francisco and says that she like a model that are “not the standard beauty, and has androgynous features.” I like her clothes and I think she’s hot so therefore, I hope she Is gay does well in the competition. Her stuff is kind of out-there but pretty damn cool.

Melissa, like Elena, loves using the color black and is inspired by Bauhaus (the movement and the band). She’s also got a great look and I think she’s like Claire Mosley but likable. I also want her to be gay love her avant garde style.

Sonja’s hair is ridiculously cool and she says her model muse is Agyness Deyn, so I think she’ll also be someone that creates looks I’ll like. This week, I didn’t love her stuff, but I’ll give her a second chance next week.

Buffi seems like she’s going to be a little ruthless in the game, Andrea is like a quiet storm and Lantie just narrowly escaped the boot for her terrible dresses, so I’m not as concerned about them, at least for now. The first designer to get let go is Beatrice, whose poncho was an eyesore. I think she was going for a Missoni vibe but she got Ugly Betty.

Christopher won the first challenge with his beautifully constructed brown dress and its mini black counterpart. Nina Garcia loved how it flowed and how delicate it looked.

The other judges on this episode were Lauren Graham and out lesbian designer/stylist Patricia Field, both giving constructive comments to the designers. Alicia’s scores were good enough to get her through to episode 2 while Melissa’s were among the best of the evening. I would so wear her clothes.

We’ve only just gotten a glimpse of the personalities and talents that will be on this season, but so far it seems like Ven thinks he’s better than everyone, Gunnar is jealous of Christopher and Kooan needs to tone down his Japanese street style just a bit if he wants to be seen as more versatile.

Our regular Project Runway recapper Jill will keep these up starting with episode 2. Who will you be keeping your eye on?

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