“Degrassi: Showdown” recap: “Walking on Broken Glass” and “Come As You Are”

Welcome back, everyone, to another season of your favorite teen telenovela! Are you ready for five weeks of back-to-back episodes? Good, because Adam, Fiona, and Imogen are waiting for us…

Or at least Adam and Imogen are. This week brought us only a background dose of our favorite queers (sadly, no Fiona), but the episodes definitely had their interesting moments, and they also introduced a key plotline (and a host of transphobic and homophobic new characters) involving Eli and Tristan that is sure to pull in a few of our faves as well.

Also, anyone else notice that the newly revamped opening credits feature the triumvirate of Adam, Drew, and Fiona hanging out together? I approve!

In the world of the Torres brothers, Bianca and Katie finally realized that they’ve been dating and fighting over the wrong Torres brother! Oh wait, no, that’s just what I pretended was happening.

In actuality, Drew is caught between Bianca and Katie, and now that Katie’s out of rehab for the drug problem she picked up at the end of last season, Adam tells Drew to “man up” and end it with her so he can be with Bianca.

This advice sets off a string of interesting moments – including Drew losing his virginity to Katie while drunk, a hockey player named Dallas (who is randomly living with the Torres family) misgendering Adam and then being reprimanded for this by Drew, and Drew fulfilling a superhero daydream by tackling a shoplifter at the mall – that implicitly ask who gets to be a man and what makes that person a man. I mean, I would think the answers to those philosophical questions are easy, but maybe the kids in Canada these days haven’t seen Mulan

After the truth comes out about Drew sleeping with Katie, Bianca ends things with him. Drew decides the way to win her back is to make the quiz bowl team, so he sits down with Adam to be quizzed on geography trivia. As it turns out, Drew knows lots of geography trivia because of movies like Braveheart. (Is there a Middle Earth category? I’d steamroll the competition in that bracket!)

However, when the try-out arrives, Drew starts to feel sick. Fleeing the room, he encounters Adam in the hallway. In his addled state of mind, Drew refers to Adam by his former name and, rightfully upset by this, Adam asks Drew what the hell he just called him. “Adam, I called you Adam,” Drew says, baffled by his own moment of misgendering his brother, before passing out in the hallway.

A trip to the hospital later, Drew has been diagnosed with a concussion and told to take it easy. So, of course, he promptly chases after a shoplifter, becomes a hero to the hipster who runs the Apple stand at the mall, and gets Bianca back. You know, usual post-concussive behavior.

Meanwhile, Imogen kicks off her spring semester by auditioning for a band with the kookiest possible Sandra-Bullock-Miss-Congeniality­-musical-water-glasses style audition, a true sign of her good taste and budding queerness. Fingers crossed for a spontaneous self-defense lesson – I’m sure Fiona would come running back to our screens if Imogen promised to pull some moves on her!

Imogen also comes to Eli’s rescue, saving him from himself at a theater meeting in which he is caught off-guard by new student Becky’s selection of Romeo and Juliet (the musical version, of course!) for the spring play.

As Eli and Becky fight for control of the school theater scene, Eli hatches a plan to cast now-friend-of-Adam (but decidedly not-friend-of-Dorothy) Dave opposite openly gay student Tristan as Romeo and Jules, a plot that successfully infuriates the religiously conservative Becky.

Well, if this week is anything to go by, we’re guaranteed a season of (literal) high-drama. Are you all excited about seeing more on any of this week’s plotlines? How happy will you be to see Fiona again soon?