“Warehouse 13” returns and Myka will always love H.G.

SPOILER ALERT: If you haven’t watched the season premiere of Warehouse 13, for God’s sake look away and keep trusting in that pocket watch.

Looks like we were right to trust in that pocket watch. After an explosive season finale for Warehouse 13, the premiere gave all its fans an even bigger bang when it was revealed that much beloved (at least by lesbians) character H.G. Wells lives.

Credit: Image courtesy SyFy

The Warehouse agents manages to save the Warehouse, Mrs. Frederic and H.G. by using the much-speculated-about pocket watch to, quite literally, turn back to clock. In fact, it gets dialed back so far that H.G.’s selfless act of sacrificing herself to save Myka, Pete and Artie gets erased entirely.

And not only does she live, but according to series star Joanne Kelly there was more than just love between her character Myka and Jaime Murray’s H.G. At Comic-Con earlier this month, Kelly and colleague Eddie McClintock spoke with Mediablvd.com and she took last year’s Comic-Con confession that Myka and H.G. “fell in love a little bit” even farther.

Kelly: We’re in love. Yeah. I think so. Who wouldn’t be in love with Jaime Murray?
McClintock: In a non-scissoring way.
Kelly: No, definitely scissoring. Definitely scissoring.

She went on to say:

“What an interesting twist to have her fall for a woman. I also am a big believer in that sexuality is very fluid. You can be straight and have an experience with of the opposite sex. Or you could be bi or you could be tri or you could be quad.”

Earlier at the official panel, she told the audience that “Myka will always love H.G.”

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Now how much we’ll see of Myka and H.G.’s love this season is another question. The new season appears to be built around Claudia going all Dark Claudia and becoming this season’s big bad. And Murray has signed on as a series regular on the new SyFy series Defiance along with Julie Benz and Mia Kirshner.