Ian Brennan talks Brittana and Season 4 of “Glee”

Ian Brennan hears you. In fact, the entire writers’ room at Glee hears what you are saying and they are trying to deliver what you want: More Brittany and Santana — together. The executive producer of the Fox comedy was at TCA’s Fox party last night and said all of the show’s fans are “certainly vocal” and he “honestly” takes what you’re saying into account.

“From the beginning, we tried to write stories that we think serve the show and that interest us in as much as we do,” Brennan said. “All the fans, vocal or not, are great and and inform how you tell the story. You sort of realize ‘Oh this works, this doesn’t work.’ So as much as we listen, we also try to not listen. You also try to do the show you set out to write because it works; that’s the formula that works. But it totally informs our decision making and even the way we see the characters because we can’t be the audience so we see it through the eyes of the audience.”

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Speaking about Brittana’s relationship on Season 3, Brennan acknowledged that fans helped to inspire story arcs, such as those leading up to their kiss during the Valentine’s Day dance.

“Definitely when they first kissed we had whole arcs that were sort of pointing to that,” Brennan said, “so we always have that in mind. And you do try to be cognizant. That’s a relationship that, for a lot of people, has a lot of meaning — and just beyond television characters. Maybe there have been otherother sort of teenage same-sex girls in relationships [on TV] but I can’t remember one that was as high profile as this. So we’re cognizant of the fact that people really have a stake in seeing themselves in the show and that’s not lost on us at all.”

As for what we can expect from Brittany and Santana on Season 4 this fall, Brennan remains tightlipped about specifics but did tell us we’ll be quite pleased.

“I can tell you that there’s gonna be a ton of — a lot of Santana/Brittany stuff. It’ll be very cool,” Brennan said. “The last we saw them — it’s on. So yeah, we have a lot of good stories, interesting stories and funny stuff with both of them.”

Brennan said the new season is a “rebooting” of the show and that viewers “will not want for surprises” when the show returns.

“There are a lot of surprising moments. We’re three scripts in and there’s a lot of exciting stuff already,” he said. “Just in general I could not be more excited about this season. It has an energy to it that I think people are going to find super addictive, I think.”

Glee returns to Fox on September 13.