“The Glee Project” finds lesbian love in a hopeless place

When you hear Rihanna‘s “We Found Love,” does your mind immediately jump to synchronized swimming and Will Schuester in a top hat? Well, get ready to get reprogrammed because on tomorrow night’s The Glee Project, the remaining contestants are going to re-cover the chart-topper, and this time things will take a decidedly lesbian turn.

Here’s the scene: Figgins has put six rowdy kids in detention and asked them to sit still without supervision for a couple of hours. Instead, they break off into couples and find some love in some hopeless places.


Now, don’t shoot me in the face or anything, but that’s kind of hotter than anything we’ve ever seen on actual Glee, right? And what’s especially awesome about it is that the sexiness is exactly the same for all three couples. As much as Glee has done for LGBT visibility — and there’s no way to overstate the impact it has had on our community — it always seems to hold back when it comes to physical affection for its queer couples. But not here! No, siree! The juxtaposition is specific and purposeful, and also: hot., hot, hot.

Do you think Glee‘s writers should take a couple of notes? Also, I saw some people on YouTube saying Aylin and Shanna should be the new Brittany and Santana. Agree/Disagree?

The Glee Project airs at 10:00 on Tuesday nights on Oxygen.