Mindy Kaling wants a better lesbian rep

A few years ago at TCA, I told Mindy Kaling how much I loved her, and that I hoped when she created a show of her own, she would have a lesbian character. She told me that her boyfriend at the time was working on a show that had one and that she would definitely include some gays in her own show. Now that I’ve seen the pilot of The Mindy Project, I have to report it is very, very straight. So straight I’m like “Anna Camp is in this and she’s not making out with another woman?” I had to talk to Mindy about this when I caught up with her at the Fox TCA party last week.

Photo from Fox

AfterEllen.com: Mindy, where is the lesbian on your show? Will there ever be one?
Mindy Kaling:
I’m embarrassed to say I have not decided to prioritize it. But why not? That sounds good! I wonder if I’m big in the lesbian community. I feel like I don’t have a rep yet.

AE: We love you. We are obsessed with you. We reviewed your book on AfterEllen and basically freaked out about it.
That’s so nice to hear!

AE: And you have Anna Camp on your show —
I know, she’s so popular with lesbians. We will have someone — not Anna. A lot of physicians are gay men and lesbian women, so we would be remiss to not represent.

AE: Well what will lesbians like about your show, besides you being hot?
Thank you for saying that. I’m an Indian woman and I don’t need to always see Indian women on TV and still enjoy it. So I’m assuming that like lesbian women are interested in watching good old fashioned love stories and funny casts and Anna is super hot, Amanda is super hot. And Chris Messina’s a funny dude. They like it for the same reasons that everyone else likes it, if they like it.

AE: Last question: Have you ever seen Samantha Ronson smile?
Yes, I have some Instagram photos of it. When Samantha smiles — she texted me to say she took a photo in front of my book, because she was at my book party, and she said “I smiled!” And I was like “Thanks Samantha — I know that was hard for you!”


The Mindy Project premieres September 25 on Fox.