The women we sleep with: Who are your dream girls?

My dream life is a little unusual. When I have a really good, memorable dream, it’s usually in the format of a movie that I’m in. An actual movie, I mean, with a beginning and end and, usually, a wrap party afterward.

Given that writing about women in entertainment is one of the things I do for a living, I’m not surprised that some of those women show up in my dream movies.

Betty White

Photo courtesy TV Land

Betty has been showing up in dreams for years — long before she officially became cool. She never says much; she just hangs out. I asked my therapist once if her presence meant anything and we decided that she just makes me happy, so I like having her around. Actually, though, I think she might just be in my movie dream because of the after-party. But I don’t mind; Betty is always welcome.

Jodie Foster

Photo: Getty Images

To the surprise of no one, Jodie always, always, plays my lover. For some reason, my movies never get to the Rated R point, so we do little more than make out. But it feels so nice that I’m absolutely sure that we have a relationship off screen as well. I’m also sure that Jodie is having similar dreams about me but doesn’t know who I am. If ever we meet in real life, you will hear the fireworks and subsequent Jodie dreams will be documentaries.

Pamela Sue Martin

Photo courtesy Universal TV

This isn’t the version of Pamela Sue you may know as Fallon Carrington Colby from Dynasty (or various B-movies and TV parts). This is Nancy Drew. She was on my TV every other Sunday night (I missed Training Union for her; if you’re Southern Baptist you know how serious that is) and I absorbed every minute. No wonder my dreams are full of investigations of lighthouses, haunted houses, and haunted lighthouses — and visits to Nancy’s two “aunts.” I play George, of course, and neither Pam nor I ever age past high school. The cast parties are sort of boring, though, since we’re too young to drink.

Meryl Streep

Photo: Getty Images

Meryl and I are BFFs, on screen and off. We adore making movies together, despite the fact that we have to do take after take because we crack each other up. But we also have a genuine gift for improv, and rarely does one of our best bits get cut. We’re pros; we know what works. And never let anyone tell you that Meryl can’t play an action hero — you should see that woman run in heels. Oh, and she makes a mean martini.

But enough about me. I want to hear about the famous ladies who show up while you are sleeping. Who are your dream girls?