“Degrassi: Showdown” Week 3: “Closer to Free” and “Waterfalls”

It’s ensemble week, guys! Or rather, it’s that week during the summer telenovela-style season that I remind myself this isn’t The Fimogadam Show (wow, that would be a terrible shipper name – Degrassi, for reasons beyond the obvious, please don’t ever pick those three characters for a storyline about polyamorous relationships) and that it’s time for our favorite characters to take a backseat to the plotlines of their friends.

Since returning to Degrassi from New York, Fiona has been living at her loft, but, with the financial crisis through which her family has been going, she needs a roommate to continue affording its rent.

At school, she opts out of P.E. by claiming it’s that time of the month in order to look for a new roommate online. Instead, however, she finds herself saddled with a written health assignment. Oh, the joys of high school!

Drew, not allowed to participate in physical activity until he’s recovered from his concussion, joins her on the bleachers, and they decide to “go halfsies” on the questions.

With his constant headaches and post-concussive syndrome, though, Drew ends up forgetting the assignment (which Bianca completes for him) at his house, and Fiona gets frustrated with him. So Drew flees to the mall, where he’s encouraged to apply for a job at the kiosk where he stopped a shoplifter the other week.

Later that week, as Drew rushes out of a class he’s failing, he runs (literally) into Fiona, knocking all of her “Roommate Wanted” posters out of her hands. Hey, wait – what about Charlie? Didn’t Charlie need a roommate once upon a time? Though I suppose maybe that wouldn’t exactly be the wisest choice for living arrangements just as her relationship with Imogen is going well…

Mama Torres isn’t as pleased by Drew’s newfound ambition to drop out of Degrassi in order to become the manager of a mall kiosk as he is, and she tells him that, under no uncertain terms, if he’s going to live at her house, he’ll be a full-time student and graduate high school. So Drew grabs his bags and high-tails it over to… Fiona’s place!

Drew shows up at Fiona’s unannounced, all “I know I let you down on that health assignment that one time, but I swear I’ll be responsible and pay rent with the job for which I’ve yet to work a day.” Fiona, in desperate need of a roommate, agrees on a few conditions.

Let’s be real, though, I’m not sure how many of us actually heard her reasons, because she was looking stunning and was watching quite the, uh, music video. From what I gathered, though, it was something about him paying half of everything and not having make-out sessions with Bianca while Fiona’s in the room. Drew readily agrees.

Meanwhile, in Adam-land, he played back-up to Clare in an intense storyline in which her hero-worship of her supervisor at her newspaper internship gets in the way of a simple geography presentation she’s supposed to be working on with Adam and another student, Connor.

Clare’s mentor, Asher, has encouraged her to dream big with this assignment, but Adam and Connor don’t “share the vision,” so she tells them that she’ll do the project by herself. In the meanwhile, Connor starts to tweet all the patronizing things Clare has been saying, using the hashtag #StuffClareSays (which he and Adam later turn into a video as well).

When the day of the presentation comes, the teacher shuts down their group when it becomes clear that they – or rather, Clare – deviated sharply from the assignment.

A devastated Clare cheers up when Asher invites her to pitch him story ideas for the paper and then offers to have one of her ideas published. However, when his attention toward her enters the realm of sexual harassment, Clare flees.

When she finally gets the courage to report him to the Editor-in-Chief of the paper, she discovers that he’s reported her to the HR department for sexual harassment, using the often-Asher-worshipping #StuffClareSays tweets as evidence to support his falsified claim. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she gets the chance to truly expose him before the season’s up.

How do you think Fiona and Drew will handle being roommates? And how excited are you to see Imogen and Adam return to the forefront again this week?