Santana finally comes out in a “Glee” deleted scene

Glee svengali Ryan Murphy has released two deleted scenes from the last season of Glee via Twitter. The first is Santana’s coming out scene and the second is Rachel signing Kurt’s yearbook. But who are we kidding? Let’s watch the Santana coming out scene immediately.

The scene was cut from the “I Kissed a Girl” episode. If you recall, we never got to see Santana tell her classmates (or in this case her fellow Cheerios) the big news. But we did get to see Finn song-assault Santana with an awful rendition of “Girls Just Want to Have Fun.” Gee, who wants to actually see character development when you can have the white straight male hero aggressively sing it into your face? It also featured the rare sight of Brittany getting to speak actual words, albeit brief ones, to her girlfriend Santana. What? No, I’m not bitter. Not one bit.

Moving on. In the next clips Rachel and Kurt gush about their love for each other and the important of a signature style.

But back to the Santana scene. While it’s unclear why it was cut, it’s very clear that including this short one minute and 19 seconds scene could have made a world of difference. Instead of being the passive passenger in her own coming out, Santana could have been the assertive captain of her own destiny who has no problem cutting a bitch. But I guess it was much more important to have all the girls sing a song about kissing a girl being an “experimental game.” You know, the exact opposite of what Santana said in her coming out.

So, while I am happy and grateful to finally get to see Santana make it public on her own terms, I am pissed as ever that something as significant as her coming out was left out of her coming out episode.