What Happens in Vegas: Preparing for Shedonism 2012

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, right? Not when our cameras are rolling! AfterEllen.com is heading to Las Vegas this Friday through Sunday for the second year of Shedonism. The official women’s celebration at Las Vegas Pride is kicking off on Thursday, September 6 at the Mirage Resort and Casino with a comedy show from Margaret Cho and an after party at Tabu at the MGM Grand.

And that’s just the first night. Special guests at this year’s events include The Real L Word stars Whitney Mixter, Sara Bettencourt, Lauren Russell, Amanda Dunn, Kelsey Chavarria, Cori and Kacy Boccummi and a performance from Hunter Valentine. Nina Sky will also take the stage and Dani Campbell (A Shot at Love), God-Des and She and web series faves from Girl Girl Scene, Cowgirl Up and The Throwaways will be partying next to you. Because it’s Vegas, there will be poker, dancing and all kinds of debauchery.

We spoke with Shedonism’s promoter and main DJ Lisa Pittman about what gay women can expect this weekend in Sin City.

AfterEllen.com: Why does Vegas Pride need Shedonism?
Lisa Pittman:
Shedonism was already being developed as a weekend in September, and Vegas Pride was normally in May. When Pride announced they were moving to September and it was our inaugural year, it felt like kismet. So, we joined forces and now have made the women’s events of Pride go from basically non-existent, to a destination spot for LGBTQ women.

AE: What makes it special as part of the weekend?
What make its special is that we are bringing a quality weekend full of events for women. With typical Pride events, the boys far outnumber the girls in presence, so we have definitely countered that with Shedonism.

What make it special to me as both a producer of the event and a native Las Vegan, is that I focus on the parts of Vegas that sell itself. Everyone loves Vegas. Then add that with 100 of your closest girlfriends and it becomes an “experience.”

AE: What are you most looking forward to this weekend?
I am most looking forward to the Crazy Horse Paris, it’s the Burlesque Show at MGM on Sunday Night. It is one of my favorite shows in Vegas, it’s super sexy, and totally fitting for our weekend. The show — originally from Paris — is closing in Vegas in September, and lucky for us, we will catch one of the final performances.

AE: What will the celesbians be doing at Shedonism? Any special games/events/parties?
The best thing about the “celesbians” is that they’re being themselves. They’re there for the weekend and they’re accessible. They are staying where you’re staying (Rumor Hotel), they’re eating in cafe in the lobby (you could be at the booth next to them,) they’re drinking at the bars — you can take shots with them at the bars.

Lisa with Sara and Whitney of “The Real L Word”

The cast of TRLW has become very familiar to us all. Every Thursday they come into our living rooms. People and true fans might feel as tho they’re already friends with them and Shedonism gives them an opportunity to see them, hang out with them. But, long story short, they will be hosting games, contests, the poker tournament and the nightclub and pool party events.

AE: Can you give me a little background on yourself? When did you start DJing and have you been part of a lot of girl parties before?
I have been a professional DJ in Vegas for since 2004. As a DJ, I primarily work for mainstream nightclubs including TAO Groups Marquee. I also have a radio show on CBS radio two to three nights a week. I travel and headline many large LGBT events around the world including Club Skirts The Dinah in Palm Springs, Aqua Girl in Miami, Girls in Wonderland in Orlando. I do have a full DJ schedule! Vegas is my hometown, and the local gay women’s scene here is relatively small and transient, but I manage to also produce local events since 2008. Bootybar is my current event that is once a month, hosted by Share Nightclub.

AE: What makes Shedonism different from other lesbian parties around the world, like Dinah or AquaGirl?
What makes Shedonism completely unique is that it’s in Vegas, and Vegas is hot, hot, hot right now. Vegas has a unique energy about it that makes you want to let loose and go crazy. Add that energy to a girl party, and it becomes the girl party. In Vegas we have great venues and amenities. We take over amazing nightclubs, and and entire hotel, and are steps away from the iconic Las Vegas Strip. With Shedonism, there’s so much to do and so little time.

AE: Anything else you want people to know about Shedonism if they are attending/thinking of attending?
Each year Shedonism is going to grow exponentially. There are so many options here that, from year to year, it can and will be a completely different party — and that is what is going to keep it fresh, interesting and exciting, both to the customer and the producers. Each year the venues will change, the “celesbians” will change, and the memories that you take away from the event will always be unique. We strive to accommodate all types of women and they’re travel ideal. We want to accommodate young, idealistic lesbians and also sophisticated power lesbians.

In Vegas it’s all possible. It’s possible to have more than just pool parties and club parties. In the years to come, I plan on unveiling so many different layers of the city, the party and the overall experience. Shedonism is Vegas, at it’s finest, with the ultimate RSVP section reserved for the gay women, and to me it’s a dream concept come to life.

Check out ShedonismVegas.com to find out how you can attend! And if you want to live vicariously through us, feel free to send us any questions you want us to ask the celesbians in attendance.