Ilene Chaiken inks deal for another shot at a crime drama

Now we know why Ilene Chaiken killed Jenny. Practice. The L Word svengali has inked a deal to write and produce a new crime drama on CBS.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new show would be called Solve for X and would revolve around a “young game developer at a social gaming company in San Francisco who agrees to consult for an anti-crime task force.”

If this new Chaiken project sounds kind of familiar it is because last season she signed another deal to do a crime drama for CBS, but this one was about a female hacker who worked with the Oakland police to solve crimes. Computers! Crime! Did anyone call Max? I hear he’s real good at the computer searches.

Last season’s project, titled Quean (yes, really), was scrapped because of similarities to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. The previous year another crime drama she developed for CBS, this time starring Minnie Driver as a single mom turned detective called Hail Mary, also fell through. No word on whether the single mom would also use a computer, but I definitely sense a theme.

New of Chaiken’s new crime project brought swift and immediate response from the writers circle. Ali Davis suggested that the young game developer solve all the crimes by yelling, “p.s. You have cancer.” Grace Chu thinks the spinoff is bound to take place in a state women’s prison in California. And Dara Nai offered up a very helpful list of alternate story pitches for Ilene, were this crime drama to also fall through. They include:

  • An IT specialist from Cupertino solves murders using computers and stuff.
  • A teen cloud app manager is the secret crime-fighting weapon of the Palo Alto homicide squad.
  • A sexy Ph.D. candidate from Berkeley fights crime using her mind.
  • A graphic artist from Napa Valley unlocks mysteries while making small batch wines.
  • A gorgeous software tester from Alameda hunts down criminals while also looking for the man who killed her father.

I don’t know about you, but I’d watch the hell out of the graphic designer/small batch wine maker show. So, what do you think about Mama Chaiken’s latest pitch?