“Once Upon A Time” recap: “Broken” (2.1)

Previously on Once Upon A Time, Regina accidentally poisoned her own son in a final attempt to get rid of Emma, her curse was broken when Emma woke Henry from the dead with a kiss, and Mr. Gold released a purple cloud of magic, just to make things interesting.

We open in New York and see a poor, unfortunate soul drop his phone out of his window into the rain. Then a bird lands on his windowsill and leaves a postcard with just one word: “Broken.” And lo and behold, it’s from Storybrooke, Maine.

Speaking of Storybrooke, everyone there is standing in the middle of the streets because they’ve just been smacked in the face with knowledge. The curse was broken, so they remember everything about their former lives, and most of them are displeased. Snow White and her Prince are just happy to be reunited with their daughter, and bring Emma in for a group hug.

The Charming family reunion is interrupted when they realize they have questions.Why were they still in Storybrooke? What was the purple smoke? Why is the Blue Fairy still human-sized? Grumpy says they should go see Regina, but Emma is quick (not reading-into-it-because-I-love-SwanQueen-quick. Actually quick.) to jump to Regina’s defense and says that this was Gold’s doing.

Their march to find Rumples is detoured when they see an angry mob beelining for the Queen with every intention of finishing her off. Henry panics and asks Emma to do something. Prince Charming says it could be a suicide mission, but nevertheless, Emma leads the sprint towards her lover’s
the mayor’s house.

Regina is being her usual sassy self, and holding her own against the crowd, until she realized she can’t use her magic.

Luckily, Emma fervently pushes through the crowd to stop them just in time. Snow proves she has shed the meek Mary Margaret persona as she declares that Regina be locked up for her protection and theirs. However, this backfires when Mr. Gold sneaks in and brands her with an evil talisman of death.

Meanwhile, in a land far, far away, Sleeping Beauty has been found in an abandoned palace (and it looks like Wren was even saving lives in his previous life as Prince Phillip). After he wakes his princess, the warrior that has been at his side removes her helm. I THINK it happened in regular speed on TV, but it was slow-motion in my mind as her dark locks and perfect face were revealed. She says that she is Mulan and I squeal with joy.

(I tried not to ship her and Aurora just because they were two beautiful girls — sorry, women — but then they started fighting about love and I couldn’t not.)

Shortly after the reunion, the prince got eaten by a Dementor, leaving Aurora and Mulan with the dying wish that they protect each other.

Prince Phillip got soul-sucked because he had been marked with the very symbol Rumpelstiltskin had branded Regina with, so the monster soon comes after her too. Team Charming wards off the giant, floating death-creature and while the Prince starts to waver in his decision to keep Regina safe, Emma stands firm.

Since they can’t kill this thing, called a wraith, they decide to send it to another realm via magic hat. However, once they find the cartoony demon again, Regina has a hard time getting the darned thing to work.

That is, until Emma touches her arm.

Reminded me an awful lot of Willow and Tara in “Hush.” Just saying.

As the magic tornado grew, Emma heroically shoved Regina out of the way of the wraith, and got sucked through the rabbit hole with it. Unwilling to lose her daughter again, Snow dives in after her. Prince Charming tried to go in after his girls, but just got a face full of floor. Henry reappeared out of nowhere and gave Regina an excuse to do what I’m sure in my shipper heart she would have done anyway — she has to save Emma (and Snow), for him.

The episode closed on Aurora and Mulan finding unconscious Emma and Snow. Which means we now have four gorgeous women trapped in a mystical realm together. And while we probably won’t see Swan Queen in scenes together for a bit, at least we know Regina will be spending all of her time and energy thinking about Emma.

What did you think of “Broken”?