Lesbiland: The board game that teaches TV writers how to create lesbian characters

Ever wonder how TV writers decide what to do with their lesbian characters? Well, after searching through [Showrunner’s Name Redacted]’s file cabinets, AfterEllen.com can exclusively report that writers create lesbian storylines with the help of a Candy Land-type board game called “Lesbiland.” Each writer who decides to tell the story of a lesbian character is given the game to help craft their narratives. And it’s a good thing, too, for how else would they know what to do with these mysterious women known as “gays”? We’ve gotten our hands on a copy of the game. Why not use it to create your own characters and write your own TV shows? The “pros” shouldn’t have all the fun!

Click here for the full-size image.

Such a shame that there’s no Breast Voyage Gumdrop Passage like on the original Candy Land.