“The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons” (1.3): No sleep till Brooklyn

This week on The Challenge, Cupid sets his sights on Brooklyn. The gals of Team Brooklyn have formed special bonds with a couple of housemates. Devyn and Fresh Meat’s Big Easy are pairing off, and Sarah and Las Vegas’ Alton are hooking up. But Las Vegas’ den mother Trishelle is not having it. She tells us that prior to moving into the house, multiple people told her that Sarah was “extremely manipulative” and she suspects that Sarah may be manipulating Alton.

Trishelle tells us that the plan for the super alliance of San Diego, Cancun, Las Vegas and New Orleans was to eliminate Austin, then Fresh Meat and then Brooklyn. “Alton having a relationship with Sarah is screwing that whole plan up!” she says.

As Trishelle tries to figure out a plan to remove Sarah from the picture, Fresh Meat’s Camila announces to everyone that TJ has a clue for them: “Some of you have hooked up with each other in the past. Let’s hope it doesn’t sink you in tomorrow’s challenge.”

The next day the cast discovers that, yet again, they will have to traverse a metal beam structure suspended over water. This time, each team must cross the structure within twenty minutes as a unit using metal hooks attached to footholds.

Last week’s Power Team San Diego chooses the order of the teams. San Diego pits Fresh Meat against Brooklyn first. Zach tells us that Big Easy will probably suck and Brooklyn “is softer than puppy turds.” He says that those two teams are being sent first so that everyone can watch them fail.

As expected, Big Easy does suck and wipes out a second time, disqualifying Fresh Meat from the competition, but Brooklyn surprises everyone by hustling to the finish line within the time limit. San Diego relinquishes the Power Team position as Cancun squeaks by them in the challenge. Las Vegas also powers through the challenge. TJ announces that Cancun and Las Vegas are the top two teams, but Las Vegas has beaten Cancun by a hair and is the new Power Team.

Las Vegas is split among gender lines as to which team to toss in the arena. The two teams on the chopping block are New Orleans and Brooklyn. Trishelle has her eyes on the prize and does not want to break the alliance, but Alton is mesmerized by Sarah’s power of the clam. New Orleans’ Jemmye is irritated that her team is even being considered for elimination, because it makes Las Vegas look disloyal to the alliance. Meanwhile, Alton waves his hands around, squawks and generally behaves like a diva. “I am witnessing a 32-year-old man throwing a temper tantrum,” says his teammate Nany. Eventually the ladies of Las Vegas win out and Brooklyn is sent to the arena against Fresh Meat.

At the arena, Alton looks like a six year old who has had a cookie snatched out of his hand. “This decision is chickenshit,” he tells us. No one on Fresh Meat volunteers, so Las Vegas sends Cara Maria and Brandon into the arena in a strategy challenge. Sarah and Chet volunteer for the challenge, surprising Trishelle, who previously thought that Sarah was too much of a sneak to step up to the plate.

The arena challenge is called “Knot So Fast.” The teams tangle a long and heavy rope around the bars of a metal igloo, and then the opposing team tries to untangle it. Sarah and Chet manage to turn their rope into a mess of knots, while Cara Maria and Brandon run around like headless chickens. In part two of the challenge, Team Brooklyn unties Fresh Meat’s rope speedily and wins the challenge.

Sarah is safe, Alton is happy and Trishelle – watch your back!