“Once Upon A Time” recap: “We Are Both” (2.2)

Previously on Once Upon A Time, the curse was broken, we found out the Enchanted Forest was destroyed but for a small corner, and a magic hat separated our beloved Swan Queen.

We start with the Seven Dwarves, who have taken it upon themselves to investigate what happens when you leave Storybrooke. They shove Sneezy across the line and he has what looks to be a magic seizure.

Meanwhile, in the town square, Ruby’s feeling the pressure of being the only badass chick left in Storybrooke on Team Charming.

She tries to maintain some semblance of order while the townspeople are running in circles trying to deal with their newly recovered memories and the aftermath of the wraith.

On the other side of town, David shows up at Regina’s door and tries to do the angry glaring his daughter has perfected while he demands answers. Regina all but laughs in his face because it’s like he forgets what she was capable of at full power.

We flash back to a time when Young Regina tried to escape on horseback, but Mommy Dearest had set up a Jumanji-style booby trap to keep her in the kingdom.

Mother Cora is determined to make her daughter the queen, she wants to give her power. Regina says that’s not what she wants, that she just wants freedom, but her mother says the two are one one in the same.

Later, Regina asks her father how her mother got to be so evil and he blames a man and a book. This snaps us back to present-day Regina tearing through Mr. Gold’s shop for said book like Paige McCullers looking for a coconut cupcake.

Gold confronts her and, after trying to out-evil each other for a while, he hands over the book in question. He warns her about the dangers of magic, but she insists. She also keeps saying it’s for her son over and over…to the point where I’m waiting for Gold to be like “Oh, just say it. You’re doing this for Emma.”

As it turns out, Regina had once used this very book to summon Rumpelstiltskin. He creeps around with his creepy gold skin and creepily tells her they belong together. Creepy.

Rumpelstiltskin offers Young Regina a gift, a passage between lands, a way to stop Cora. Young Regina looks nervous about the whole ordeal.

Future Regina is a lot less hesitant when it comes to magic, though. She does a line of magic dust off the spellbook and her eyes glow purple. Her apple tree comes back to life, but Emma and her chainsaw are nowhere to be found.

Across town, Grumpy and the gang shove a confused-looking Sneezy in front of Charming. Sneezy has no recollection of the Enchanted Forest – as though the curse had never been broken. Charming has quickly realized that he did not wear the pants in his relationship with Snow and is sort of fumbling for how to be in charge without her. He buys himself time by calling a town meeting in two hours and storms off to get ideas.

As Charming is practicing his hero speech in the mirror, Henry recognizes the magic hat, which sets David off to find the Mad Hatter. Henry whines after “Gramps” to take him in that frequency only the most annoying children can hit, but the request went unheard.

The Prince gets a magic potion from Rumpelstiltskin, which leads him to the Mad Hatter. He finds out the Enchanted Forest still exists, but even the portal jumper himself doesn’t know how to get back there. Mid-sentence, the Mad Hatter makes likes a cracker and jams. (Give me a break, we’re all mad here.)