Marriage equality ads to make you cry (and vote)

Did you watch the first presidential debate last week? Did you TV make it through the whole thing or did your throwing things at it facilitate an emergency trip to Best Buy? Whoever you plan to vote for come Nov. 6, this election is about more than just who gets the title President of the United States for the next four years. In four states, marriage equality referendums will also be on the ballot. Once again, LGBT Americans must endure the nail-biting process of having the majority vote on minority rights.

Maine, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington all have love on their ballots in some form or another. For a complete rundown of the ballot issues, check out The Four 2012. But for a quick cheat sheet on how to vote for our right to marry (because if you’re here and reading this, why on earth would you be against it), here it is:

In Maine, Vote YES on 1
In Maryland, Vote FOR Question 6
In Minnesota, Vote NO on the Constitutional Amendment
In Washington, Vote APPROVE Referendum 74

So with four weeks until election day, here is a look at some of the best marriage equality ads today and a few favorites from the past from other parts of the world as well. Don’t forget to register to vote (it’s the last day to register in several states today including Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Indiana). And bring some Kleenex. These are guaranteed to get something in your eye.

Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (featuring Mary Lambert), “Same Love”

Even the credits made me weepy.

The Four 2012, “Stories from Maine”


I love when couples wipe schmutz off of each other’s faces.

The Four 2012,” Stories from Minnesota”


Second in a four-part series. I want what Michael and Jamil are having for dinner.

Expedia, “Find Your Understanding”


OK, so this is an ad for Expedia and not for a political movement. But man, if I wasn’t moved by it. And, yes, that’s Season 1 The Real L Word’s Nikki and Jill.

And here are a few favorites from the past.

From Australia, 2011


From Ireland, 2009


So, which is your favorite? Which was most effective? See you at the ballot box Nov. 6.