Watch 3 sneak peeks of the “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween special!

We’re officially less than two weeks away from the Pretty Little Liars Halloween special, “This is a Dark Ride.” If you’ve been hiding under a rock or buried alive under the gazebo at the old DiLaurentis place, allow me to catch you up: The Liars and their dates are all aboard the Halloween Express. It’s like the Polar Express, only instead of going to the North Pole, its non-stop destination is Hell. At least one “A” is going to be there, plus Jenna, plus Noel, plus Lucas, plus … Adam Lambert? Huh. How about that. Anyway, the main thing you need to know about the Halloween Express is this:

And this:

I think the way you type the sound a lesbian makes when she looks at Lindsey Shaw looking like that is: UNF! Or, as Dana Piccoli puts it: Heeeeey there, Paige McCullers.

Emily’s Halloween costume was kind of under wraps until last night when ABC Family dropped not one, not two, but three sneak peeks at the Halloween episode!

First up, Noel learns a little something about karma and its bitchiness.


Next up, Aria meets Adam Lambert, who is wearing his regular old street clothes for Halloween.


And finally, Paige McCullers feels the beat of the rhythm of the night .


October 23 cannot get here soon enough! Whose costume do you love the most?