“Corrie” and “Skins” lezzers meet as Lily Loveless and Sacha Parkinson team up for “One Day Like This”

Quick! What’s the saddest thing to happen on British TV in recent years? No, besides the Ponds’ farewell episode of Doctor Who. Well, yes, and besides Watson attending Sherlock’s funeral. The saddest lesbian thing, is what I am talking about. Yeah, Cat Mackenzie getting hit by a car while taking a routine stroll across the street was pretty terrible. Never mind, I’ll just tell you. The saddest lesbian thing to happen on British TV in recent years is Skins generation two saying goodbye and Sacha Parkinson leaving Coronation Street. But chin up, lesbos, because I’ve got some good news for you! Parkinson and Lily Loveless are currently shooting a new drama for BBC3!

Sian and Naomi! It’s like the dream team you never knew you always wanted! AfterEllen reader Paula Thomas tipped us off to the two-hour drama, One Day Like This, which is currently under production in Glasgow. According to Britain’s TVWise:

One Day Like This was written by Northern Irish TV writer Terry Cafolla and is said to revolve around the Harper family, whose daughter Leah is killed in a car accident. According to my sources, the inspiration for the script was the statistic that car accidents are the biggest killer of young people and that the most likely cause of death for a woman under the age of 24 is the driving of her partner. Darlow Smithson Productions is producing the two-hour drama with Nick Pitt serving as producer and Sarah Walker on-board.

Motherf[bleeeeeeeeep]. Are we going to lose another lesbian to Scottish traffic?!? You’re right, you’re right, we don’t even know if Parkinson and Loveless are playing lesbians. And anyway, there are plenty of other young actors who could be playing the person who gets killed in the car accident. Georgia Henshaw is in the cast, for example. (You will remember her is Lara, JJ’s love interest in Skins series four. The one with the asshole baby named Albert.)

For now, let us just rejoice that Parkinson and Loveless will share the screen! And also let us start petitioning our MPs for new street signs in Glasgow.

What do you think of the news that Lily and Sacha are teaming up?