Cristine Prosperi on Fimogen’s future and the new season of “Degrassi”

The compelling and soapy world of Degrassi shows no signs of slowing down and as new episodes begin airing tonight on Teen Nick. The long running series, which will soon hit episode #300, continues to delve out loads of social issues, conflict, drama and, of course, romance.

One of the hotter unions on the show’s canvas is between bisexual Imogen Moreno (played by Cristine Prosperi) and Fiona Coyne (Annie Clark). As the new episodes unfold, are we going to find Fimogen in a good place? What does Prosperi think of a potential matching of Imogen with transgender character Adam (Jordon Todosey)? And who’s responsible for Imogen’s funky, beyond-cute look? went right to the source and grabbed some time with the delightfully bubbly Prosperi about all things Imogen and Fimogen.

AfterEllen: Let’s talk about Imogen. First, when you first got the role, did you know that this bisexual storyline was going to be a part of her character?
Cristine Prosperi:
No, that was news to me but I think every storyline on Degrassi is news to the actor and we find out as the seasons go on but I didn’t know in the beginning. Imogen first started out as a straight character and she was making out with Eli and then as the season went on she started to develop feelings for Fiona so I would call her a bisexual character, but I think she just likes people in general. She and Fiona make a good match so I really like them together.

AE: When you found out she would be revealed as bisexual, did you play her any different?
It was really the same and I was super comfortable with it and dating Fiona. I was really comfortable with it.

AE: Imogen has this presentational self that she puts out there for people but what do you make of that? What’s that really about?
In the previous season we just saw in the summer we saw what her family life was like and what’s going on at home. I think her quirkiness and her weirdness stems from her family life. Her Dad is a little bit kooky and her Mom wasn’t really for her when she was growing up. At school she has tons of friends so I think home is where it comes from.

AE: Once the bisexual story started, what were you hearing from fans out there who were maybe experiencing the same thing in their lives?
On Twitter, we get tons of mentions saying “I just came out to my parents. Thank you so much for helping me.” Also, “I feel more comfortable with my girlfriend” and “I feel more comfortable with my sexuality.” I get these all the time and it’s so refreshing and great that we get to connect with the fans that way because it’s so relatable. That’s the best part of being on the show, for sure.

AE: Are you aware of the fact that this is a great thing that you can have gay and bisexual characters on shows aimed at teens? TV wasn’t always like this!
Oh yeah. Degrassi deals with real issues and I think that’s really great that we can tackle lesbian, gay, bisexual and every kind of storyline and give it some justice so parents can learn and kids can learn too.

AE: What can we expect in the new episodes? Is Imogen still with Fiona or is there a new relationship on the horizon?
Coming up there will still be Fimogen. You’ll see Fiona try to fit in with my family. I’m going to try to move forward with the relationship. It’s good things for Fimogen.

AE: Do you think Imogen and Adam would ever be interested in each other?
I think Imogen and Adam would make a great couple because they’re both really different, they’ve been through some struggles but I’d like them together. That would be really cool but I really like Fimogen. [Laughs]

AE: Imogen likes to create some drama sometimes. How is that to be a part of that drama?
In the beginning, I was getting into Clare and Eli’s thing, which is a huge thing with the fans and I got into the middle of that but as an actor it was so much fun to play. I got to start a little drama and be a little sneaky, which was great, but the fans didn’t like that so much. I think the fans have warmed up to Imogen now. She’s not as much of a drama starter now but is just a part of the whole Degrassi scene.

AE: I love Imogen’s look! She’s got the ponytails and the glasses. Do you have any input in that look?
No, that’s all hair and makeup and our team behind the scenes. At first, I was so nervous about it but now I love the little pig tails and the glasses and I love the whole wardrobe. The crazier the better!

AE: So do you not get recognized because I’m guessing that’s not how you dress in real life, right?
[Laughs] It’s funny, sometimes I walk through set as myself and the crew doesn’t recognize me so I go “Hey, It’s me! It’s Imogen!” On the street, I don’t get recognized as much as the other actors.

AE: The cast is so big but who would you like to see Imogen mix it up with, not even romantically, but just who she doesn’t get to have a lot of scenes with?
I like some of the niners. I like Zig, who is Ricardo Hoyos in real life. They’re in a band together but I’d love to see more of that friendship. I’m really close with Jessica Tyler in real life so I’d love to have more scenes with her.

AE: You’re a trained singer and dancer in real life. Will we ever see Imogen sing or dance?
I sing a little bit on the show and I play the tambourine in the band but no dancing yet.

Degrassi airs Fridays at 9 p.m. on Teen Nick.