“Project Runway” recap: (10.13) The Final Countdown

Overall, except for the slight Fabio fiasco, all the designers seem well prepared, perhaps because they only have a week until Fashion Week at this point, so they sort of have to be. I always do enjoy that one designer who’s hardly gotten anything done by Tim’s visit and is having a meltdown, though, so, that’s a little disappointing.

Speaking of disappointing, we then get to meet Melissa’s boyfriend.

I enjoy this screencap with this line. No further explanation needed.

And also her two proud parents from Michigan, as they take a windy boat ride. Melissa is from a small town and only learned to sew four years ago. That’s all the interesting information we learn. Eh.

So now, the real drama begins. Hello Fashion Week! They’re staying at a hotel called Yotel! I can’t decide if this is the best or worst name for a hotel ever!

In line with the amiable “aw shucks” vibe these Final Four have with each other, they walk around and admire each other’s collections once they’re together again in the workroom. This unveiling of each other’s work is often an intensely nerve-wracking performance, as the designers dart secret eyes at each other’s garments like hawks looking for prey. But these peeps are all, “Hey bro, nice work!” Melissa does suffer a self-esteem bomb though and questions if she’s pushed herself hard enough.

As they try to choose their three looks to show the judges and Tim comes in to check on them, I feel that Fabio’s is the most unique, in that it’s the most unexpected. He’s made small changes after Tim’s advice but mainly stuck with his guns. Tim clearly remains sort of baffled, but says simply that the judges will either hate it or love it, which is a true statement.

After some stressing, it’s finally runway time. Dmitry’s up first, and there are a lot of risks here that I’m worried about, such as a Whole Lot of Bra, and Arms Made of Fringe.

Next is Christopher, who I have to say I am surprisingly turned on by. All the looks seem way more badass on the models than they did by themselves. Although they all seem like rather short and skimpy outfits, and the whole time in the workroom he had been staring at this sweeping gown that seemed like it would be his final “wow” look for sure. I know they all had trouble fitting their models at the last minute, but why not do your best to make that work and show that? The judges NEED to be wowed at this point, and to know the range of your collection.

Seriously though, the back of that one in the middle is SEX.

Then we have Fabio. Again, his stuff is definitely different. And while I wouldn’t want to wear any of it, I respect it for that reason alone.

Then Melissa, whose looks to me seem most solid. My mind also screamed SEX when that first one with the belly showing walked out. Maybe I am just feeling preoccupied with sex? Haha, nevermind me! *awkward laugh*

Judgment time. I enjoy that there’s no guest judge on this episode, that’s it’s just the core of the show, as it should be for the final decisions. We keep seeing that clip of Michael Kors saying that something is uuuuuuglyyyyy though, and I have no idea which designer it will be directed towards but I’m nervous.

We start with Fabio. Their views actually seem to reflect my own: they love that it’s different. They love that there’s color, and that the colors are kind of weird. And I’m sure Fabio’s heart must have done a happy dance when Michael Kors said that he loved the “demented shoes” that Tim so hated. They make him smile! They do have a few concerns about styling and overall taste level, but overall, I would be very pleased with that critique.

Now Dmitry, and guess what? They love the Arm of Fringe! Who knew! And they don’t seem to care much about All the Bra! In fact, they say that they can tell that he has worked extremely hard and that he has a lot of Ideas. His trouble is perhaps putting too many ideas together at once, which becomes more apparent to me the more they point it out. But if he works on his styling, he could be really great.

Christopher’s next, and they say, pretty colors (sepia is everything!), pretty print of your mother’s spine–well, Heidi calls it creepy, but creepy isn’t bad. But they do also say: boring. Like me, they ask why he sent out the skimpiest of the skimp and lacked any “wow” pieces whatsoever. Christopher seems sort of overwhelmed and doesn’t really know what to say. I can practically feel how muddled his brain is right now. In other news, while they were panning over his sheer top, we also got to see some major boob.

I mean. That’s areola, right?

For Melissa, the critique is pretty much the same: these clothes are very you, and very cool, which is good, because cool is always good, but they’re also pretty boring. Nina seems particularly disappointed in everyone. You’re supposed to wow us, bitches! Also, all those horribly ugly comments from Michael Kors end up being about the wigs Melissa put on her models. Just the wigs! How you tease us, Project Runway!

As the designers head to The Room of Anxiety and Angst for the judges to have their talk, Heidi says she really doesn’t know how it’s going to go. All the designers are scared. Yay!

But here we go.

The designers are brought back out. And they’re told…they’re all going to Fashion Week. They all get to compete to win. They share a celebratory hug.

I’m happy? I guess? I would be happier if it was the situation of, “These four designers are all SO amazing that we can’t afford to lose any of them,” but it more seems like, “These four designers ALL have problems, so let’s just have all of them try.” And sometimes you gotta be harsh. But, again, since I knew they were all going to show anyway, apparently, this wasn’t a huge shocker.

What are your feelings? Whose collection did you like the most? Who do you think has the best chance of winning?