Morning Brew – Tues. Oct. 16: Kelly Lynch talks playing Ivan on “The L Word,” Lindsey Shaw shares juicy Paily info

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This interview with Lindsey Shaw is so good and has so many juicy tidbits about Paily, you’ll love it.

Casey Wilson is a-mah-zing on Happy Endings, and she’s also a huge friend of the gays. She recently talked with The Advocate and said she’s never explored any lesbian side, but has girl crushes on Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy. Smart lady.

Check out Sara Gilbert‘s new digs in West Hollywood. Not too shabby!

Kelly Lynch talked with The AV Club about her favorite roles and one of them was as Ivan on The L Word. I learned a lot. Here are some of the best tidbits.

I literally got a call later in the day. “Look, something just came our way, and it’s really romantic.” I said, “Great!” “You don’t have to audition or anything, they really want you, they think you can do it. We’re not sure, though, so you might not be sure.” “Send me whatever you’ve got!” And I basically get the sides for what the part is, and I’m like, “Ivan…?” And I called, and I’m like, “What is this?” And they’re like, “You’re a drag king.” “A drag king?” And then I get the full story: “Look, k.d. lang was going to do this part, but apparently she’s Leisha Hailey’s girlfriend, so that can’t happen. So they were just going to get rid of this character, but they want somebody to do it and they think you’re the actress that can pull it off. They have really good hair and makeup people.” And I’m like, “Okay, wait. So she’s, like, a guy? When do I have to do this?” “Well, you have to fly up tomorrow, and then the next day you have to do the drag show.” “Okay, is someone choreographing this?” “Well, no, not really. They’re letting you do that.” I was like, “Wait a minute, but I’m not a drag king, obviously. I don’t know how to do that.” So I took another look at it, and I said, “Okay, who’s the other woman?” “Pam Grier.” “Okay. And her character’s straight.” “Yes.” “But my character’s a lesbian woman who’s identifying as a man who’s in love with a 60-year-old black woman who’s straight.” “Yes.” And I went, “Okay, there will never be an acting challenge ever like this. Done. I’ll do it.” [Laughs.] And then I went, “Fuck!” And off I went to Vancouver. … And Pam Grier was completely in for it. I said, “Pam, look, I’m straight.” She’s like, “I know.” Only two girls on that show were actually gay. But I said, “I’m coming at you, I’m gonna do it, I’m gonna pursue you and get you to fall in love with me. And you are gonna do it. And I’m not gonna make you. You just watch.” And she was laughing, but sure enough, it was this romantic, great thing. At one point, I’m singing Leonard Cohen’s “I’m Your Man” to her in a parking garage and dancing her around. It was amazing. I had the best time.

Michele Bachman‘s lesbian step-sister Helen LaFave spoke with The New York Times and I’d encourage you to share it with anyone who lives in Minnesota and might be on the fence about the marriage vote coming up.

Salon has an op-ed from a Christian lesbian. Hey I know some of those!

Kerry Washington answered some personal questions on Sway in the Morning. It starts around three minutes in. But at 4:11, she discusses playing a lesbian in She Hate Me and how women would hit on her. Well OBVIOUSLY. Wouldn’t you? She’s gorgeous.

Tomorrow is Spirit Day, so bust out your purple! You won’t be alone, as you’ll be seeing it all over celebrities, talk show hosts, athletes and the internet.

BET has a great piece on Nigerian LGBT activist Spectra, who is trying to “reach other Africans on the continent on LGBTI issues because I don’t think there’s been enough engagement there.” Good on ya, Spectra!

Vibe has a very cool gay roundtable discussion that includes Syd tha Kid from Odd Future. It’s a very interesting read with all perspectives represented. You’ll nod your head, shake your head, face palm and clap. I’m so glad Vibe put it together — and on their front page.

Sarah Paulson looked gorgeous at the Elle Women in Hollywood event last night.

Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty

Also rocking some white, check out this pic of Oprah in a suit! Pretty sharp.

Photo by Terry Richardson

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