Watch Lily Loveless and Kat Prescott tease “Skins: Fire”

When my girlfriend started hyperventilating within six seconds of opening her laptop this morning, I knew it could only mean one thing: Lily Loveless and Kat Prescott are together again. On Tuesday morning, Skins made the announcement that Naomi and Emily will be returning for a two-episode, Effy-centric story in the farewell season. And today, they released a video of Lily and Kat (plus Kaya Scodelario) talking about the surreality of being back at a Skins table readthrough — in a church.


If you can’t watch the video for whatever geographic- or work-related reason, allow me to recap it for you:

What we know right now is that Lily and Kat will be appearing in guest roles, but never fear: Jamie Brittain assures us that doesn’t mean Naomi and Emily will be shunted off into the shadows.


Filming for Skins: Fire begins Monday in Manchester, and apparently they’ll be posting a new on-set video every week on Skins‘ official YouTube channel. Seeing Lily and Kat together again makes it feel so real! Are you psyched on the new season?