“Grey’s Anatomy” recap: “Love the One You’re With” (Ep. 9.3)

In this stellar episode of Grey’s Anatomy, “Love The One You’re With,” Callie really shines onscreen with a great storyline and terrific acting by Sara Ramirez. And, of course, Jessica Capshaw isn’t too shabby herself.

The episode circles around the plane crash lawsuit. The survivors and their loved ones have to decide between taking a large cash settlement or forgoing the money, for now, and enduring an investigation and a drawn out legal battle. (My advice? Take the money and move as far away from Seattle as possible.)

Callie challenges Alex to stop sleeping with all of the interns. (Good luck with that!)

Alex retorts, “I slept with you!”

Callie replies, “And now I no longer sleep with men.” Burn!

Since Alex is not flirting with the trainees, they start heading in Callie’s direction. Alex’s intern, Jo, unsuccessfully hits on Callie.

Jo: You have a nice smile. And beautiful eyes. You know if you want to grab a drink later, I know this Mexican place…
Callie: Ok, ok, ok. You’re flirting with me. Which is sweet, or would be sweet if you were into ladies. But I’m guessing you’re not a lady lover ‘cuz you also look terrified that I might say yes. You’re poking a bear, a very horny bear and what would you do if the bear said yes? Trading sexual favors for … I don’t know what you want from me so … you’re going to have to tell me.
Jo: I was wondering if it might be possible to scrub in on your next surgery.
Callie: Ok. A. never trade sex for scrubbing in because that’s just skanky. Save it for actually getting to cut and B. you’re giving coffee to the wrong person.

Callie should have turned to Jo and said, “I’m married to Jessica Capshaw, so back off!”

April returns to the hospital and plays a cat-and-mouse love-game with Avery. She claims she’s re-virginizing herself, but the two end up making out before the day is done. (That was the shortest cat-and-mouse game in the history of the world!)

Meredith finally catches up to speed on her co-workers goings-on and declares, “So Alex is a diseased man-whore again And April Kepner is not a virgin? Wow I missed a lot with that plane crash!”

Bailey is running around the Attending’s lounge with post-it notes, warning everyone to “clean up your mess!” Bailey seems to be over-parenting the new Attendings but she’s just sad her son Tucker is growing up and her ex-hubby is getting remarried. (Don’t worry Bailey, you’ll be fine.)

Cristina and Owen are having a telephone relationship but they both realize that have to cut communication if they want to move on.

Callie returns home to find Arizona sitting on the bathroom floor in her own urine. (Who’s watching Sofia?) Arizona fired her most recent home-care nurse and then unsuccessfully tried to make it to the bathroom alone. Callie and Arizona begin to fight (again) but this time Callie isn’t backing down. She picks Arizona up and stands her in the shower against her will. The women scream back and forth as the water streams down and Callie shouts out, “This is my life now, too!” Arizona and Callie hold each other and cry, and then I start crying, profusely.

At the end of the show everyone gathers around the hospital’s conference room and decide to take the money and settle. Out of nowhere Derek appears and says, “We can’t do this. I saw the plane. I went to the hangar, and I saw the pieces of our plane laid out on the floor like a jigsaw puzzle. If we agree to settle, they do the investigation. We can’t do anything with the results. We can’t stand by and let this happen to other people’s Lexies and Marks. We have to do something about this, we have to make this right.”

The rest of the GA cast is easily convinced and agrees not to take the payout. (Does that mean future episodes will be set in a courtroom? Ten bucks says the Grey’s Anatomy stars will be taking their court case to ABC’s Scandal.)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Wasn’t Sara Ramirez tremendous?