Our favorite “Pretty Little Liars” #BooRadleyVanCullen tweets from “This is a Dark Ride”

You had to wonder how Pretty Little Liars was ever going to top that time CeCe Drake beat a snake to death with a mannequin leg, but last night’s Halloween special proved that they’ve really only just begun pulling tricks out of their sleeves. It was everything that makes the show so great — intrigue, crazy clothes, murder, McCullers — only stuffed into a train. Which is to say: It was perfect.

I usually like to embed the best #BooRadleyVanCullen tweets into a post so it’s easier to follow and retweet and stuff, but there were so many good ones last night, it took me three hours to read them all. And anyway, we need something to cling to during the two-month(!) hiatus. So here are the best of the best, in image form.

Did you get any sleep last night? I sure didn’t.