Leisha Hailey and the “wonderful, eloquent” lesbian couple debut on “The New Normal”

Last night the “wonderful, eloquent lesbian couple” that Ryan Murphy promised debuted on The New Normal. And, as part of that, Leisha Hailey made her triumphant return to TV. The former The L Word star was half of said “wonderful, eloquent” – and now we can add unhappily childless – lesbian couple, along with Entourage’s Constance Zimmer.

The pair played Victoria and Tiffany, a well-to-do lesbian couple who have tried unsuccessfully to have children of their own. David and Bryan invite the couple to dinner and ask them to be their child’s godparents. It goes, well, not exactly as they had planned.

In their short minute and 42 second appearance we learn that Leisha’s Victoria and Constance’s Tiffany had a commitment ceremony in Ojai. But Victoria has a “dented uterus” and Tiffany’s eggs as “practically powdered.” So they spent “the last six years and all of our money” and a child they can never have. Victoria is a little, let’s just say, bitter about the whole thing, especially considering they have “twice the baby making parts” than their gay male counterparts.

Bitter, kinda angry lesbians aside, the episode highlighted the lengths gay and lesbian couples have to go through sometimes to have children. And it was fantastic to see Leisha on my TV again. Love the sly humor, bob, love the Bette Porter wardrobe.

Now let’s just hope we get to see more of her and Constance and another side of Tiffany and Victoria. Constance tweeted a photo of the ladies on set, in what appears to be another scene if the wardrobe is any indication.

So, what did you think of the new lesbian couple on The New Normal? Were they wonderful and eloquent enough for you? And how great was it seeing Leisha again? I know, so great.