Faberry Update: The Ultimate Slash/Femslash Face-Off

Our brother site AfterElton.com have given us a fair fight in this final Slash/Femslash Battle, and the Sterek vs. Faberry is a close one. So close that as of today at noon, we were only 600 votes ahead. So I’m here to appeal to you as to why you should go vote for Faberry before this ends next Tuesday, Oct. 30.

1. Ryan Murphy, despite what you may think, does listen sometimes.

When I caught the Glee showrunner at TCA after Season 1, I told him fans wanted Britanna together and to kiss. It might have taken some time, but that shit happened.

2. Lea Michele is happy to indulge your fantasies.

Both times I’ve interviewed Lea, she’s been super into talking about shipping, as well as her love of The Real L Word. She is big into lesbians, like we are into her. There’s no doubt in my mind she’d be down to kiss Dianna Agron on-screen.

3. It’s just crazy enough that it could happen.

Glee is the kind of show that has jumped the shark so many times, it would make sense for just about anyone to hook up now, even in a John Stamos-as-your-dentist-administering-you-drugs dream sequence.

4. Teen Wolf stole Maya St. Germain.

All this time you thought Pretty Little Liars killed Bianca Lawson off? Well she was secretly she was glamoured by a Teen Wolf. I’m fine with starting this rumor.

So let’s do this!