“Degrassi” recap: “Doll Parts (Part 1)”

After the featured plotline for Adam the last two weeks, Degrassi is giving us a bit of a breather in “Doll Parts” with… more Adam! I guess Fiona and Imogen must have gone into advance hibernation from this hurricane for which I’m also hunkered down right now (keep safe, everyone!).

Though maybe Imogen’s just off practicing for Whisperhug – after all, Mo, the leader of the band, wants her to sing the song Maya wrote this week because Imogen “is the kind of girl that boys lust over,” and he’s willing to pimp her out for that. I’m sure Fiona wouldn’t mind being Imogen’s test audience!

Adam, meanwhile, has taken to working out with Dallas as a way of keeping busy and not thinking about Becky, who is already back from brainwashing camp (“Apparently it only takes one week to get over me”).

He wants to try out for the guys’ volleyball team and is pushing himself to make sure he’s in the best possible shape to make the team. Even though he gets a personal best in this session, Adam’s upset about how little he’s bench-pressing in comparison to Dallas.

When Mama Torres, who’s passing through the room, warns Adam to be careful not to hurt himself by lifting too much, he suggests that if he starts taking testosterone – a.k.a. “T” – he could develop muscles much more easily, not to mention grow facial hair and have a deeper voice. Sadly for Adam, she’s quick to shoot down his request.

When try-outs arrive, Adam does so well that the coach hints that he could earn a spot front and center on the team. The coach’s only concern about Adam is not that he could get hurt by the other (far bigger) guys, but that he’s the only one who hasn’t turned in his permission slip.

So when he gets home, Adam approaches his mom about the permission slip, but finding her in tears, he slips the form into his back pocket instead. He tries to comfort her as she voices her fear that she drove Drew away with her worries about his health and about the direction in which he’s headed (especially with the upcoming wedding that Adam hadn’t even heard about!).

“Don’t worry,” Adam jokes, “he’ll find a way to mess [the wedding] up.” His mom smiles wistfully and tells him that she’s just glad one of her children is still safe and living with her.

The next time Adam and Dallas work out, Adam voices his worry about the permission slip – not that she won’t sign it, but that if he plays, she’ll worry about him too much. Dallas just laughs, encouraging Adam to forge her signature so that Mama Torres doesn’t have to know or worry.

And that’s all for now, folks! We’ll have to wait for next week to find out what Adam decided, and assuming I’ve got electricity and a connection to the outside world, I’ll see you all for Fimogen sightings and the second half of this plotline then!