“Degrassi” recap: “Doll Parts (Part 2)”

This past week at Degrassi, Adam had a brief but eventful week!

It starts when he finds out that he did indeed make the volleyball team. However, in his amazement about making the team, he fails to realize practice has started, resulting in him taking a volleyball to the face. Gee, I wonder who signed his mom’s name on his permission slip last week…

After school, Adam spots Becky and immediately ducks to prevent her from seeing him in his current state. He then tries to convince Eli to let him tell his mom that Eli punched him so that he doesn’t have to fess up about volleyball. Eli doesn’t really have much ground to stand on right now in terms of good ideas, but even he’s less than impressed with Adam’s plan.

Which leaves Adam trying to hide his injured nose from his mom behind a women’s fashion magazine… Audra Torres, on the other hand, did not lose any brain cells getting hit in the head with a volleyball, and therefore is not daft enough to believe her son was actually reading Flare. Plus, the coach already called.

Adam apologizes for forging her signature but still tries to justify his actions. “I was going to ask, but you were crying,” he tells his mom. “You’re always worrying about Drew, I didn’t want you to worry about me.”

After she helps him patch his nose up, they settle back on the couch again. “I don’t love that you forged my signature,” his mom concedes, “but it was very sweet of you to think of me and my feelings.”

She grants Adam permission to continue playing volleyball, and then she grants him permission to look into starting something even bigger: testosterone.

I’m beginning to think we should start a competition for happiest Adam smiles this season (c’mon, Becky, you know you want another chance at getting one of those smiles out of him!).
So on that exciting note for Adam, it’s almost time to return our attention back to our favorite ladies. Hope you’re all excited for the return of Fiona and Imogen on Friday!