“Degrassi” recap: “I Want it That Way (Part 2)”

In the week since we last saw Fiona, her mommy issues have not abated. In fact, they seem to have multiplied!

When she sidles up to Imogen with surprise lunchtime plans of shopping with Imogen’s mother, Natalie, Imogen bemoans that they’ve spent far too much time with her recently. Disappointed, Fiona says that she was just starting to feel like part of the family, which weirds Imogen out, because wouldn’t that make them sisters?

But Fiona’s too thrilled about her successful bonding with Natalie to really take Imogen’s annoyance into account. “Family’s important,” Fiona argues, insisting on the shopping date.

“Says the girl who never sees hers,” Imogen returns. Taking this as a “yes,” Fiona simply promises it’ll just be the two of them next time.

As Ms. Granger – “call me Natalie” – and Fiona bond over clothing at the mall, Imogen stands awkwardly off to the side. After she declares her intention to return to school before lunch ends because “clearly you value Fiona’s opinion over mine,” Fiona accuses her of being a sourpuss.

“Sorry, am I ruining your quality time with my mom?” Imogen retorts, hitting the nail precisely on the head. “You have your own mom. Why do you need mine?”

So when Mama Coyne calls over Skype later that day, a chagrined Fiona finally picks up. She’s been avoiding her mother’s calls because she hates being reminded that she’s so far away (thanks, IRS!), to which her mom promises that she’s still trying to fix things.

“I know,” Fiona says, “I just need a mom.” She then tells her mother about Imogen’s accusation of trying to steal Imogen’s mom. “Why is she so threatened by the three of us hanging out?” she fumes.

“Probably for the same reason you were threatened when Holly J and I started hanging out,” her mom reminds her.

“I was so jealous,” Fiona remembers. “I wanted you to like me better.”

Mama Coyne suggests she give Imogen time alone with Natalie to work things out, which inspires Fiona to plan another surprise for Imogen! As she leads Imogen, eyes covered, through the mall, Imogen sighs, “Fiona, I love surprises, but so far we’ve walked into a table, two chairs, what I think was a toddler…” Not to mention the fact that Fiona’s other surprise this week was less than fun for Imogen.

But this surprise is much more up her alley – it involves her mom and the sketches for Imogen’s bedroom renovations. Fiona told Natalie about Imogen’s amazing work on the sets for the school musical, so now she wants Imogen’s input and ideas for the bedroom. Imogen explains how the renovations made her feel like a burden, while her mom assures her she was keeping Imogen out of the renovations so as to not burden Imogen.

With the misunderstanding cleared up, Imogen thanks Fiona for her involvement with a kiss. Fiona can’t stay to help, though, because she’s off to catch a bus to NYC for a long overdue visit with her own mom!

And with that, Fiona rides the bus into the happy sunset of the episode’s conclusion. Until next week, ladies and gents, when the first half of the finale brings Adam and Becky’s (so far) ill-fated romance back to center-screen!

Check back on Wednesday for recaps of this week’s Adam-themed episodes.