The 20 hottest lesbian sex scenes in the history of TV

Editor’s Note: This list was first published way back in 2012! Let us know what you think we need to add for our upcoming 2018 list. Keep in mind this is for TV. We’ve got a hottest in movies list coming your way soon, so you won’t get bored for a second over the holidays. Meanwhile, a trip down memory lane…

We are thankful for lesbian characters having lesbian sex on lesbian television. Specifically, we are thankful for these 20 lesbian sex scenes, all of which very nearly caused our TVs to burst into flames. In a good way.

Bo and Lauren’s “Fa(t)e” Sex, Lost Girl

After dancing around their attraction for far too long, Bo and Lauren’s first time was full of all the pushing/pulling/lip-biting/pants-ripping you would expect from a hyper-sexual fae and her human doctor. And may we just thank the Canadian TV gods for the lighting? Too many American lesbian characters have sex in the dark.

Callie and Arizona’s “The Doctor Is In” Sex, Grey’s Anatomy

Sure, it only lasts a nanosecond. And sure, the mood is thrown off by Lexie’s shriek. But that’s what imaginations and fan fictions are for.

Cristina and Isabel’s “Make Love Not War” Sex, Tierra de Lobos

Cristina and Isabel may be star-crossed lovers, but apparently the sun burns just to caress their faces. The golden hour never looked so good.

Kima and Cheryl’s “Put a Baby in Me” Sex, The Wire

Cheryl wanted a family. Greggs wanted to bust up a drug ring. It was a recipe for relational disaster. But the sex was a real good time.