50 reasons 2013 will be the Best. Lesbian. Year. Ever.

45. Charlie and Nicole

Photo courtesy of Lifetime

Even in a post-DADT world, we still tear up when we see soldiers falling in love. Show us more, Army Wives!

46. Unique Adams

Photo courtesy of Fox

One of the only transgender characters on TV, Wade “Unique” Adams is a diva we believe in.

47. Battle Magic

Photo courtesy of Scholastic

It looks like Rosethorn will be a leading lesbian lady in Tamora Pierce’s third book of the “Circle Reforged” trilogy.

48. The growing trend of lesbian best friends

Photo courtesy of Fox

We love our main characters, but we’re delighted to see more and more recurring roles for lesbian characters on TV.

49. The sequel to Unspoken

Photo courtesy of Random House

Untold, the second book in “The Lynburn Legacy,” will (very likely) feature lesbian character Angela coming out and kicking ass.

50. The courageous women who will come out of the closet

Photo courtesy of Walden Media/Disney

Every year we are inspired by the women who come out as lesbian and bisexual, from the regular folks like me and you to the celebrities who have the eyes of the whole world on them. Who knows who’ll have the courage to come out this year. Whoever you are, wherever you are, we applaud you.