50 reasons 2013 will be the Best. Lesbian. Year. Ever.

21. Emily Fields

Photo courtesy of ABC Family

Here’s to not getting drugged, kidnapped, time-traveled, stalked, and almost murdered by your ex-girlfriend’s fake cousin in 2013, Ems.

22. Brittany S. Pierce

Photo courtesy of Fox

Bram shmam. We’re holding out hope that Glee will give us back our Brittany.

23. Kalinda Sharma

Photo courtesy of CBS

Her husband’s gone (because maybe she murdered him?), so the second half of this season of The Good Wife is already looking much better.

24. Dr. “Hot Pants” Lauren Lewis

Photo courtesy of Syfy

We’ve got a feeling Lauren is going full-throttle for the girl this year.

25. A new season of Arrested Development

Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox

Bring on the hot ham water!