50 reasons 2013 will be the Best. Lesbian. Year. Ever.

26. A new Melissa Ferrick album

Photo by: Laura Crosta

Our ears can hardly wait!

27. The return of Naomily

Photo courtesy of E4

All these years we’ve been brave, and wanted them back — and now we’re getting them!

28. Dr. Eleanor O’Hara

Photo courtesy of Showtime

We don’t know who loves her more: Jackie or us.

29. Double stuffed gay advertising

Photo courtesy of Nabisco

Homophobia: Out. Appealing to the masses of gay people who like cookies: In.

30. Paige Motherf–king McCullers

Photo courtesy of Andy Reaser’s Twitter

We have it on good authority that Paily is the favorite couple of at least three Pretty Little Liars writers. Maybe that’ll keep Paige alive a little longer.