50 reasons 2013 will be the Best. Lesbian. Year. Ever.

36. Tina Kotek

Photo courtesy of Oregon House of Representatives

She became the first openly lesbian legislator leader when Oregon Democrats elected her House Speaker.

37. Pam and Tara’s insane chemistry

Photo courtesy of HBO

They answered the will-they/won’t-they with a resounding kiss last year. Here’s to even more leather and making out in 2013.

38. The return of Bomb Girls

Photo courtesy of Reelz Channel

It started out as a Canadian mini-series but blossomed into a full-grown international TV show. More Betty McRae means more swooning from us.

39. Leslie Shay

Photo courtesy of NBC

NBC picked up Chicago Fire for a full season, so we’re geared up to see our favorite lesbian EMT save so many lives this year.

40. Calzona sexytimes

Episode 9.10. Callie and Shonda promised.