“Chicago Fire ” recap (1.11): “It’s not too late to switch teams.”

So this is it: We find out if we have another lesbian cut down in her prime by a television writer wielding a vehicle or if Shay will live to quip another day.

We start where the last episode ended with our favorite EMTs in the back of a badly battered ambulance, gauze and other supplies strewn everywhere and Dawson is lying on her back, blood all over her face. She moves and calls out for Shay before getting up and finding Shay unconscious on the floor of the rig. Dawson says “Shay, sweetie, you’ve got to be okay,” before catching herself and saying “you’re going to be okay.” She’s struggling to keep it together as she’s checking Shay’s eyes and her vision swims a bit as another ambulance shows up.

They cut to Casey and his mom in the prison visitor’s room and they’re talking about her upcoming hearing and she wants Casey’s sister to lighten up so she can get out. He reminds her that, you know, she should have thought about how sucky prison would be before she killed their dad. She storms off all “How dare you be mad because I killed your father!” But sadly it’s not quite the same as Niki Wade getting all indignant and storming out. Sigh, I miss Niki. When Casey gets his phone back he gets the message about Shay and Dawson and pulls on his superhero cape and dashes out the door. OK, he doesn’t have a cape, just some Superman underoos but man they make him feel like a superhero.

Shay is being wheeled into the hospital and Dawson is limping along, chirping about her vitals and worrying like crazy. The doctors ask if Shay is allergic to any meds and Dawson says “no” because that’s something you know for your girlfriend just like you know that she likes to eat yogurt after sex and has eyes for which technicolor was invented. I think the name is Pantone Holy Shit I Forgot What I Was Saying — Sooooo Blue. As soon as they take Shay back and Dawson sees the Chief she loses it. The Chief hugs her and sends her off to get checked out too because of the blood all over her face.

Severide blows through the doors choking back tears and telling the Chief he wants to see Shay. The Chief holds Severide back and tells him they don’t know how bad it is.

By the time Casey gets there, the other firefighters are in the waiting room. The Chief tells Casey Shay has a traumatic brain injury. Casey asks how Dawson is doing and frankly I thought he was asking how she was in light of her girlfriend being in surgery, but then it dawned on me that he might be asking because she was hurt too. Whatever, Casey totally ships Shawson.

Back at the firehouse Severide asks Dawson how Shay is, because who else are you going to ask but her girlfriend? Dawson says that Shay’s improving and that the doctors think she’s out of the woods. The Chief announces that Shay will be out for a while and that Peter Mills will be taking Shay’s spot alongside Dawson in the rig. I smell a set up. I like Peter Mills, at least more than I like Casey, but come on you can’t fill Shay’s spot with that dude.

Severide tracks Dawson down and asks her what the doctor said about Shay. I know they are pretty loose with the HIPAA rules on this show but seriously, we’re supposed to pretend that they would tell Dawson anything about Shay’s condition if she weren’t her partner partner, not just EMT partner? When Dawson tells him that she saw Shay he gets really pissed because the doctors told him she couldn’t have visitors. Kelly Severide, I’m going to walk you through this one slowly, you are not Shay’s girlfriend Dawson is, deal with it. Of course Dawson tells him she was there to get treated and to stop having a fit about it. Then he tries some song and dance about how he wants to take care of Shay and Dawson looks at him like he has fourteen heads and reminds him that Shay is moving in with her and it’s up to Shay to decide where she wants to go after the hospital.

“Stop trying to cock block the lesbians, bro.”

Severide heads for the locker room and takes some more pills because that’s been working so well lately.

Leon arrives and is excited that Flaco is dead and poor big brother Cruz is being eaten up by guilt. Leon guesses what Joe did for him and Joe confirms it with a subtle nod. His brother hugs him and tells him they will take the secret to the grave.

Apparently, big brother is iffy on the meaning of the grave because he goes to Casey and starts to confess before Casey tells him to stop talking. Casey gives Cruz the chance to think it over because if he confesses Casey will have to take Cruz to the police.