“Pretty Little Liars” star Ashley Benson lezzes out in parody of Bieber’s “Boyfriend”

Any skilled lesbian viewer of Pretty Little Liars can tell you that there have always been subtle hints that Hanna Marin is in big gay love with her best friend Emily Fields. For example:

Exhibit one: That look on her face when she realizes Maya got there first.

Exhibit two: Her phone habits.

Exhibit three: Show me your boobs.

But never has she been as obvious about her feelings as she is in this new Pretty Little Liars clip in which she canoodles and writhes around with Rosewood’s newest androgynous lesbian character in a clear attempt to make Emily jealous.

I’m sorry, what? That’s not a scene from Pretty Little Liars? It’s a video of James Franco and Ashley Benson clowning on tabloids for always saying they’re dating? And Franco is playing the part of Justin Bieber? Oh. OK. Heh. Well, I mean, you never know Rosewood, right?

Anyway, the real Pretty Little Liars returns tonight at 8:00 on ABC Family! And that is an actual fact!