Naya Rivera says we’ll be seeing more of her soon

Glee fans have been sorely missing Santana Lopez this season, but Naya Rivera said you’ll be satiated soon.

“I’ll definitely making up for lost time in the episode we’re currently shooting, and then I’ll be around for the rest of the season,” Naya said during the Fox TCA Party last night. And despite the fact she’s been absent for much of the season so far, she has appreciated the way the show has changed.

“I was excited,” Naya said of receiving this season’s scripts. “I love the new format, I love all of the new kids they’ve brought on to McKinley. It allows the character [Santana] to grow and that’s important.”

Sadly it seems part of Santana’s growth has taken her away from Brittany (Heather Morris) who is now dating Sam (Chord Overstreet). Naya said she’s sure Santana hates that Brittany has moved on, but she’s glad the exes are able to still be friends.

“Obviously Santana doesn’t like when things don’t go her way. Even though she was the one that sort of called it off, I guess, she’s still not happy about that,” Naya said. “You’ll get to see how that plays out.”

Because Brittany has moved on, Naya thinks Santana might need to, too.

“Brittany’s found someone else so I would only hope that Santana has grown as well and maybe see what else is out there,” Naya said. “Maybe [she’ll find someone else]. You never know!”

Naya’s co-star Jane Lynch agreed that Santana needs to find a more grown up relationship, and also find herself.

“I hope she can grow up and have a mature relationship with someone who wants to be with her,” Jane said. “The Brittany/Santana thing — I think what Ryan was showing was orientation for some people is fluid, it’s not over in this homosexual category, or this heterosexual category and I like that message. Because there people out there who feel that way as well — that it’s the person they fall in love with. So that was nice to see that, but I do hope that Santana will move on and I bet she will. She’s going to have a grown up relationship. She’s gonna go all lesbo. We just did an episode where she’s gotta decide where her life is going to take her and it’s not cheerleading school in Louisville. It’s elsewhere.””

Santana will be singing a Tina Turner song in an upcoming Diva episode (episode 13), and the description of the episode indicates she’ll be making “a big decision.” Could her song be “Simply the Best?” “Private Dancer?” “Proud Mary?” Maybe even “The Bitch is Back?” Naya can’t say, but she did give us an update on her life outside of Glee.

“I did an independent feature film, a thriller, recently that was really fun,” she said. “I shot a really exciting commercial that should be coming out at the end of this month.”

And although she has an album in the works, it’s taken a backseat to other projects. “I have not been working on the album. We’re sort of at a crossroads there,” Naya said. “We might have to make some changes and do a little bit of a makeover. But I’ve been working on other things.”

Glee airs Thursdays on Fox.