It’s a Boccumini Baby: Cori and Kacy are pregnant!

As viewers of The Real L Word know, Kacy and Cori Boccumini have been spending their last few years trying to get pregnant. Showtime tagged along as the couple went about securing sperm and attempting to find a positive sign on their pregnancy tests. It finally culminated in their having Charlie, who ultimately passed away from being delivered too soon as caused by a cervix condition Cori found out about too late. It was heartbreaking to watch, and viewers understood when the couple decided to take time off of their fertility journey.

But today they have announced the amazing news that they are pregnant and Cori is due on July 1.

“This time around, we are just way more protective and cautious. How could we not be? We didn’t take any chances,” Cori said. “Our doctor is the number one guy for high risk pregnancies. I have been on bed rest since 10 weeks, which means I cannot leave the house, or lift anything, or do any chores. We are also getting the cerclage — my cervix sewn shut — so that we don’t have the same problem as last time.”

The couple say they are still in disbelief, and that the process has felt different from the last because they are reminded of Charlie almost constantly.

“It was so hard to get pregnant the first time, so when we had to start again, it was brutal,” they said. “We had to get through the constant reminders of the past when we went to each appointment. The negative tests were so much harder to see. In general, it was such an uphill battle.”

Cori and Kacy used the same sperm donor as they had before.

“After seeing Charlie, there was no way we could change that mix,” Kacy said. “I wanted a little Cori, and that sperm seemed to hear my message loud and clear.”

They are planning on finding out if it’s a girl or a boy (“We need to know. Our families need to know. It’s a must.”) and doctor’s appointments are the only time Cori is allowed to leave the house.

“Cori being on bed rest really limits what we can do,” Kacy said. “She can’t walk around showing off her belly, or shop for baby stuff, or park in the ‘expectant mother’ parking spot at Babies R Us. She has had to mourn the loss of a child, as well as mourn the loss of a ‘carefree’ pregnancy. I mean, we are so grateful and happy, but we have had to reconcile a lot of sadness and disappointment mixed in with sheer elation. We started this journey two years ago with the goal of having a family. I don’t think we had it in us to stop. It wasn’t really a discussion of if we’d try again, but more when.”

Because The Real L Word has yet to be renewed by Showtime, there’s no way to know if we’ll be seeing any more of Kacy and Cori’s journey on our TV screens. However, Kacy does say that they will keep fans updated nonetheless.

“We will post some video updates and pictures and blogs so you can see our progress,” she said. “It would be a shame to not be able to finally tell this happy story, but alas, we will not disappoint all of the awesome people who have rooted for us this whole time.”

And if the show does get picked up, they aren’t certain what they will allow to be shown in the delivery room.

“It has to be done in a tasteful way, that allows my shy wife some discretion during the most vulnerable experience of her entire life,” Kacy said. ” I mean, stirrups and a gown, and that’s all — I wouldn’t do it. But we’ll see.”

As one of the few portraits of lesbian pregnancy on reality television, Cori and Kacy are often asked for advice about their experience. They say it’s a very personal experience, but they can offer some basic pearls of wisdom.

“The best advice I have is to really have an open and honest discussion with your partner to make sure both of your needs are met,” they said. “This is a couple’s journey and you both have key roles, so it’s best to map out the plan together so you don’t go off track.”

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